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A small mod that adds a little more of personal touch to the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite.

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Well this is my first mod, and I've never really messed around in GECK too much really, but I've always felt that the Lucky 38 Suite was dull. I always felt it needed a bit more je ne sais quoi. I've spent several hours doing multitudes of things like correcting that irritable lighting to adding small details that add personality to that tomb. I haven't noticed any errors while playing this. I didn't have any intentions on uploading this but I figured 'what the hell'. If you have any problems at all please let me know either by commenting or pm. This does require Dead Money (Version One Only Requires Dead Money). This does alter two weapon stats, the Police Pistol (Increase Damage) and the Police Baton (Slightly Increase Damage). 

Version Two: returns the base stats to both the Police Pistol and Baton, adds two new weapons instead (Both can be found on the desk of the Police area). Adds a reloading bench (On top of the workbench). Adds more clutter to the workbench. Adds two containers on the workbench (Ammo Case & Misc, Ammo 50MG.) Adds Sierra Madre Chips to the fountain. Adds MRE'S and Tequila to the dining table. Adds G.E.C.K. to the dining table. Adds Violin and Music sheet (Dining Room). Adds money near the safe with gold. Adds a new safe in the Bar Room (Next to the fireplace). Adds one Lil Scout Lunchbox near the globe. Adds Brochure near the globe. Adds a new container in the Police Area (Under the desk).