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This mod builds on cirosan's companion mod and animates Ulysses' original head mesh--complete with lip files.

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(Longer description coming...)

Did you ever notice that vanilla Ulysses doesn't blink, use expression, or ever remove his mask? This is because his head was originally built as a "head mask." In other words, a default African American race was wearing Ulysses' head like a helmet from the neck up without working eyes or mouth.

This mod changes that and could be considered the Ulysses counterpart to RocketLombax's Better Burned Man.

This mod will do a few things:

- Ulysses' mask is removed by default (you can get it later) so you can see him speaking to you. There is an optional esp if you want his mask worn by default.
- You can recruit Ulysses as a full companion if he survives the events of Lonesome Road just as in cirosan's original mod.

For further details, please see cirosan's original mod here: Ulysses Companion by cirosan. This mod is fully compatible with cirosan's mod and users should reference his original file for additional plugins (free followers, DLC compatibility, etc)

cirosan for his original mod and for his help in combining his original work with the race files I created.
unociutm for lip files in the companion dialogue