Fallout New Vegas

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Pimpboy animated buttons, animated background, new bling and moar!

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 Opal - Default shiny gem style





I HEART BLING - Fools be trippin with 4096 'HD', show their crew who the true Wasteland O.G. is, use [size=3.8]8192x ![/size]

  • New texture!
  • New cubemaps!
  • New gems!
  • Amazeballs Animated Buttons!
  • Totally Dope Animated Background!
  • Animated Swingin Monkey Below This Sentence!

Other stuff

CREDITS :  Weijiesen by Weijiesen for Weijiesen by Weijiesen in collaboration with Weijiesen for Weijiesen by Weijiesen

INSTALL : Use NMM, or manually open the zip file, then place the Data folder contents into your Data folder homie

INSTALL OVER DEFAULT PIPBOY SO YOU NEEDN'T DO THAT QUEST AND CAN USE IT RIGHT NOW : open the ''pimpboy3billion'' folder in the Meshes folder within the zip. There is a file named "pimpboyarm.nif",  rename that to "pipboyarm.nif" and place in the "pipboy3000" folder (overwrite if asked).

UNINSTALL : Delete the "pimpboy3billion" folder from both the textures and meshes folder with the Data folder yo

NOTES : (I don't actually know if your game will accept the 8192x texture), also, DO NOT re-up my swag without askin perms first. RESPECT!