Marie Rose Race in New Vegas by goldiocks
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Added: 29/09/2015 - 06:49PM
Updated: 29/09/2015 - 06:47PM

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Last updated at 18:47, 29 Sep 2015 Uploaded at 18:49, 29 Sep 2015


This mod adds a custom race with marie rose's face.

There were plenty of character screenshots with her face, but no distribution, right?

So I made it. to give a good fxxk for those.. absolutely disgraceful "misers". 

Only female character is recommended to use. And you should install female body mod named type-6 or something.

NO MORPHS or eye blink! I was too tired to make it at the time. I can but no future plan for this yet. 

And owe to NV's character editing system problem, this race's head is slightly bigger than others so some hats shall look odd, I told you!

Free to use for making other mod.

Do what ever you want, you don't need to inform me of your usage, I don't matter about it at all and that is even disturbing me.

Only one thing i have to note is;

You can do anything but SHOULD NOT be another "scrooge" with this stuff plus own little enhancement.

If you made something better with this material, please distribute that too, so all other ghouls would be happy

Yes as you think I DO hate file-scrooge. If I meet another miser edition with this stuff I will crush his feeble business with eye-copy, so please do not try to.