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A Monster Mod for TTW

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This is an Alpha Monster Mod for TTW, there are dozens of new creatures, as well as dozens of variations of existing creatures. If you download this, expect to find some bugs. If you do find a bug, report it here and ill fix it. Also any feedback you have regarding the mod will help improve it further. Lastly, if you enjoy the mod, endorse it or leave a comment, I spent over a year on this project solo, so it'd be nice to feel the love :D

Includes its own increased spawn function. There will be an MCM menu at some point, but for now it's set at 50% chance for 2 extra spawns per creature.

It always bothered me that every dog, molerat, and every other beastie in the wasteland is the same color, that's not how nature works. With this mod any encounter you have with creatures should be unique. Some creatures have over 100 color/model variants (vicious dogs, ghouls)(ghouls have about 300) while others may only have a dozen or so. For example, there are about 20 different colors of dogs, though some will have their ear ripped off, or be healthier looking then other variants.

I've also added young versions of creatures with their own models in most cases, as well as male/female models.

The AI on a number of creatures has been reworked, most animals won't just charge at you as seen as they see you from across the wasteland, if you get too close, they will attack.

The capital wasteland and mojave each have variations or creatures that are unique to that wasteland only. The creature spawns in the Mojave are generally more tame then those of the CW, but the Mojave has several vicious creatures that come out at night.

There are a number of new creatures that exist for ambience only, and will generally flee from you.

This mod draws from a number of MMM resources, and should hopefully make MMM obsolete :P

Uploaded a file for FNV only users, still requires all DLC tho (except Gun Runners)

Some of the new creatures: