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Aims to bring you some notable robots from Sci-fi to the Mojave for you to have as companions.

T3-M4 - "Wasteland grot bag version", "Clean version"

T3-M4 can be found at the Repconn rocket facility, he has been trapped inside a special research section. You can only gain entrance once you have cleared the debris away from the doors (see picture and use your imagination). He is voiced and has a few handy features that you might expect from him.

Swiftus - "One version"

Not really a notable Sci-fi robot, Swiftus is a spin-off from my Flying Mine Bot mod. No he won't run up to an enemy then promptly explode, instead he has a rather unique weapon. You can find Swiftus at the Novac Abandoned Shack, see screen shots.

Oblivion Drone - "Wasteland grot bag version", "Clean version"

This is a re-release fo the Drone.

WARNING: This is a replacement version of the original Oblivion Drone from Custom Robot Followers 1 and is not compatable with it.

The Drone "RD 101" can befound under the Repconn headquaters by taking the evelator (see screen shot), you will find minor Repcon defenses. People who have dowloaded the resource mod of the Oblivion Drone there are minor changes in the movement animation files, if you leave them in as loose files they will dominate the later versions in the BSA and 101 will then only move like a wet sunday.

Imperial Probe Droid - "One version"

The Imperial Probe Droid can be found after a short fetch quest, you will need to find the radio tower as shown in the screen shots and search around the skeleton. The droids entry is an animated and scripted event, if your frame rate is below par then there may be timing issues and the sequence will not play out as intended.


Fix any bugs which come to light.


Added the Imperial Probe Droid as the 4th and final robot for this mod, added knock down ragdolling and getting back up animations for all robots.

Programs used in the creation:

3DS Max
Reaper using the R2 VSTi plugin
3D Coat

Special thanks:

"Open Speech Repository" for providing the base dialogue lines.

LordZues40 for help and support including testing

MisterSuperMutant for helping with information on T3. The dead scavengers journal and signal code, and play testing.

Joshua121 for his Enclave-ified Industrial Machines Modders Resource

Shardoom for his splendid work on the Oblivion Drones Reconn dungeon and self arming feature.


I Do not intend for this mod to be used in any other manner other than uploaded here, I will not give permission for the assets to be used elsewhere unless If you are a modder and can impress me with your large project then I might MIGHT give you permission to use the assets.