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Adds a unique Tribal machete called 'Notta Knife' to the wastes. Not a replacer.

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Ok. Adds a unique Tribal Machete called Notta Knife to the wastes. Requires Couriers Stash. Balanced as far as the game is concerned. I made no changes in the specs except for raising the price to 125 caps and that depends on skill level. Included are six .psds, four for the blade and two for the handle. The AIIImachete01_NTEST.dds is neutral and will make a good base for customization. Using any of the nine unique textures and the masks You should be able to customize to Your liking. There are nine .esps for individual knives and one combined with all. The individuals are called Notta Knife. The combined is called Notta Knife with extensions. The extensions are labeled as... DHDI - dark handle, dark inlay. DHLBDI - dark handle, light blade, dark inlay. DHLI - dark handle, light inlay. DHS - dark handle, solid. LHDI - light handle, dark inlay. LHLBDI - light handle, light blade, dark inlay. LHLI - light handle, light inlay. LHS - light handle solid. GHGI - gold handle, gold inlay. Unfortunately the knives can only be renamed temporarily (through console) if NVSE is installed. Type setname "name" and hit enter but You will have to rename it every time You load a game :( !!! You can easily rename them permanently through Geck or NVedit. NVedit will prove less complicated if You are not familiar with Geck. I'll be happy to explain how to if the need arises. I did alter the havok on one vehicle (for the combined) and added a custom crate and note. Feel free to use any of it but please give credit where it is due. Suggestions, questions, comments or requests will be absolutely ignored - Just Kidding :D !!! Pm me here or reach me at [email protected] and I'll be glad to assist in anyway that I can :). All be Well, Anoxeron    P.s. Only one might be construed as lore friendly as far as appearance and that would be DHS. I'm still learning. NOTE: Because of the file size ONLY 'Notta Knife ALL' contains the Masks and extra resources for customization.