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Just an idle animation replacer that affects only the player and NPC's keep the original one.

Permissions and credits
Version 1.0:
 - mtturnleft.kf, mtturnright.kf has been tweaked.
 - added missing pamtidle.kf
 - feminine version added (Might need some additional tweaking. Note that this animation was made for Type 6M body replacer and so i cant guarantee that it will look the same on Type 3 or other replacers).
 - masculine version upadated to 1.0.
 - Added new optional idle for male&female.
 - Added No sudden moves. (Disables turn left and turn right animations for player, so that the character stance wont break while you moving your mouse. Its just bothered me. Made for myself).
 - added breathless version of masculine idle, spine and shoulders motion was removed or decreased.
 - added tweaked feminine idle for Type 3 bodies. (I did all i could with those wide shoulders, see gallery for preview)
 - added optional tweaked version of the feminine idle. (The spine was edited a bit to reduce left breast collapse)
 - added optional female running animation. (See gallery for preview, install or not depends on your taste :P )

This is the idle animation replacer that i originally wanted to make for male only characters, but turns out that it looks pretty cool on females too. I never liked the vanilla one and i wanted the player character to have a more decent stance, so i made this. It will replace the default mtidle.kf as well as a pamtidle.kf (Power Armor idle). And another cool thing about this is that it works only for the player, you'll have a unique stance while NPC's will keep the original goofy animation.

[Additional info]
Thats not the first idle i made, there are a few more, but in my opinion thats the only one worth sharing for now. The animation itself is based on a certain character from another game franchise, but i doubt you will guess who it is, but you can try :P Again this was made for male character, but it will replace both male and female player idle. So if you play as a female you may skip this mod, unless you like the look of it. And again, this will not touch the female NPC's, so if you're playing male it will affect only your male character. I may also add an optional female idle in the near future, so male and female player will each have a different stance.

[How does it works]
There are 3 main folders that should be noted:
1. Data\Meshes\characters\_male\specialanims - is where custom animations are stored (example: mtidle.kf)
2. Data\Meshes\characters\_male\locomotion - is where copies of the animations from specialanims folder are stored. This is very important to put the exact same animations here from the specialanims folder. If they are missing then your custom animation will be gone the moment you reload your save file or use showracemenu command.
3. Data\Meshes\characters\_male\ - animations you want to be used by NPC's should be put here.
4. The .esp file forces the game to actually play your animations from specialanims folder. Load GECK, choose NPC and go to "Animation" table. Find your animation and double click on it. The icon will change to black [X] mark. Ok -->Save. This can be done to any NPC, not just player. So any NPC can have his own set of animations\idles"!?".

Make a backup of these two files:
"fallout new vegas enplczru\Data\Meshes\characters\_male\locomotion\mtidle.kf and pamtidle.kf" -just in case you dont like the mod.
1. Extract the contents of the archive in your "Fallout New Vegas\Data\" folder.
2. Check the .esp in FOMM, NMM or NV Launcher.
3. Play.
Note: Both masculine and feminine versions can be installed over each other, just confirm file replacement.

[Tools used]
3Ds Max.
CivIV Niftools Max Plugin.