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Use the Robotics Expert perk to bypass the need for Sunset Sarsaparilla Star caps when speaking with Festus.

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Ever gotten to the Sunset Sarsaparilla factory and only had 40-some star caps? In my latest play-through, I had only 9. Isn't it galling to be like level 20 and an expert in science and robotics, and yet this little animatronic doll is keeping you from your rightful treasure? Well, no more! With this mod, the Robotics Expert perk allows you to hack Festus into thinking you have the required star caps.

Just copy the esp to your data directory and enable.

Just delete the esp from your data directory.

There is a version for the vanilla game, where once you hack Festus, your star caps become regular caps, and any more collected star caps automatically become regular caps.

There is also a version for the mod, Keep Collecting Those Stars. Once you hack Festus, you keep your star caps, and continue to collect them. My mod should be loaded after Keep Collecting Those Stars to operate correctly.

Change Log
2015/09/17 - v1.0: Initial release. If you don't have the perk, you get the regular dialog options, and if you do, you get the option to hack Festus.