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Changes the Sneering Imperialist perk so your prejudices go by faction allegiance rather than physical appearance. Or something like that...

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Sneering Imperialist Expanded

included in Unofficial Patch Plus and Yukichigai Gameplay Tweaks

Requires Honest Hearts DLC (kind of duh)

The Sneering Imperialist perk, added by the Honest Hearts DLC, provides the player with a 15% damage and 25% VATS accuracy bonus against, as per the perk's description, "raiders, junkies, or tribals". The way it works is by checking that the targeted NPC is of a race typically associated with these groups. Namely, it targets NPCs of the various raider races, and of the tribal races added by Honest Hearts. And that's it.
This presents some limitations in that not every NPC of such races may count as a raider or tribal, and not all raiders and tribals may be of such races. Mods like Fallout Character Overhaul and New Vegas Redesigned adds dozens of races to give flavor changes to various NPCs, and the way Sneering Imperialist works, it is not going to acknowledge those races for its combat bonuses.
This mod changes the Sneering Imperialist perk so that it checks for factions on the NPC, instead of race. Sneering Imperialist will now provide its bonuses when fighting against NPCs who are a member of the Raider, Fiends, Great Khans, Scorpions, Jackals or Vipers factions in New Vegas, as well as against tribals of the Dead Horse, Sorrows and White Legs factions in Zion Canyon. And going by the perk description, it will also work against the few NPCs in the 'Junkie' faction, if for some reason you feel like putting them out of their misery.

To install, drop in your Data folder and activate Sneering Imperialist Expanded.esp. It is incompatible with other mods that alter the Sneering Imperialist perk, so load after any such mods if you prefer this mod's version of it of course.