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Improves the Ferocious Loyalty perk to work on any and all companions by default.

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Ferocious Loyalty NVSE Upgrade

NOTE: included in Unofficial Patch Plus. Do not use this mod together with it.

Requires NVSE
Requires JIP NVSE plugin

This simple mod alters the script that controls how the effect from the Ferocious Loyalty perk is applied to your companions. The default game only checks for the vanilla companions, and is less than brilliantly scripted so it has dozens of lines it could do without. And it doesn't take advantage of the simple feature to put conditions on an ability's effects themselves, which would have made the implementation much simpler.
Which is what this mod addresses. The script now simply adds the Ferocious Loyalty effect to any teammates you may have, be them from the standard game or from any mods you use. The effects on the Ferocious Loyalty ability are now conditionalized so that they only enter into effect if you have the perk, if your health is under 50%, and if the actor is currently one of your teammates.
Due to an engine bug in FO3 and FNV, Damage Resistance effects on creatures have their magnitudes doubled, and this mod takes that into account by splitting the 50% DR effect from the Ferocious loyalty ability in two 25% effects. One is always applied, the other is only applied if the companion is not a creature. I suppose as bugs go, that one was pretty beneficial for this perk in particular, but you gotta stay true to what the perk says...

To install, drop Ferocious Loyalty NVSE.esp in your Data folder and activate or merge it. This mod only changes two records, FerociousLoyaltyScript and FerociousLoyaltyEffect, so you'll likely have to load it after other mods that change those, though in that case maybe they offer more expanded functionality than this mod. I don't know of any though.