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Makes Pyromaniac affect incendiary rounds, and makes weapons using (GRA) plasma rounds behave more like plasma weapons.

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Pyromaniac & Plasma Ammunition Fix

Gee I sure can amuse myself with BBColors...

REQUIRES JIP plugin v40+, if you want to have LR and GRA automatically supported

Welcome to PAF! This mod tackles a very minor thing, but still noticeable enough in a perfectionist approach. To be precise, what this mod does is:
  • Allow the Pyromaniac perk to also affect the damage dealt when using incendiary munition rounds, like those of the Anti-Materiel Rifle and Grenade Launcher.
  • Allow Plasma ordnance, like those found in the Gun Runner's Arsenal DLC, to be subject to similar rules as those of the other plasma weapons.

Not much, huh? But still, to achieve this I had to do a bit of scripting, and I think the end result is worth it.
The mod works by scanning for changes in your currently held weapon or readied ammo. When that happens, the check for whether to apply the bonuses from Pyromaniac or plasma ordnance are done.
  • If you have the Pyromaniac perk, and your current weapon is not found in its supported weapons list, BUT your current ammo is found in the PerkPyromaniacAmmo list, a hidden perk is added that gives you a 50% damage bonus while that ammo is equipped, to equiparate with the regular Pyromaniac perk. In this simple way you'll deal that much more damage with your incendiary munitions!
  • If your current ammo is found in the provided plasma ammo list, named zPlasmaAmmo, quite a few things will happen. Your weapon's resistance type will be set to Energy Resistance, like most energy weapons use. It will be placed in the list of weapons affected by the Plasma Spaz perk, so that you can enjoy its bonuses while wielding plasma ammo if applicable. Finally, if the weapon has no critical effect attached to it (true for all standard grenade launchers by default), it will be given a tailored critical effect that will, as you may guess, 'gooify' your victims on the event of a critical death. This calls the game's standard effect for that feature, so that if another mod like EVE has patched it, it will work with its features!

All of this is of course reset and rechecked every time you change your ammo or weapon, so that no leftover alterations are left behind. The official DLC are supported by default if you have the Lutana plugin, which allows the scripts command to retrieve specific formIDs from your load order. Therefore, by default, Pyromaniac will affect shots made with: Incendiary .50 MG rounds, Incendiary 40mm grenades, Incendiary Rockets, and Dragon's Breath 12Ga rounds. Plasma features will be applied to shots made with plasma 25mm and 40mm grenades from GRA.
Expanding on this in other mods is pretty simple for Pyromaniac ammo, those mods need just add their incendiary ammo to the standard PerkPyromaniacAmmo list, and this mod will take care of the rest. For plasma ammo, it is also simple enough by adding the relevant ammo (typically explosive ordnance) to the list provided in this mod, zPlasmaAmmo.

There is, however, an optional extra layer to the plasma ammo feature. The way it works, there's the VERY remote possibility that another NPC near you is using the exact same weapon you are using while you have plasma ammo loaded, resulting in their shots with that weapon being altered by Energy Resistance (which is mostly unused in the default game, but you never know) and the critical deaths they provoke also causing gooification, regardless of them not using plasma ammo.
As unlikely as this scenario is, if you feel the need to reduce the effects this can have in your game, I've provided a safeguard in the form of a global value named zPlasmaAmmoSafeguard, and a script effect named zPlasmaAmmoMS that is to be attached to the relevant plasma ammo. This script effect adds a token to actors impacted by that ammo that lasts only for a few frames on them, so that if zPlasmaAmmoSafeguard has a value greater than 0, the critical death effect on your current weapon needs that token to be present in the actor to cause the gooification.
I have provided a pair of optional patches enabling this feature, which patch the GRA plasma grenades with that script effect and enable that global. the GRA + ACS file patches them so that they produce grenade cases from the Ammo Crafting Schematics mod. I do not recommend using these patches unless you really need to, since as I said the chances of such a scenario arising are very remote.

Installation is pretty straightforward, put Pyroplasma Ammo Fix.esp in your Data folder and activate it in your launcher of choice, load order is irrelevant. Use one of the patches from the 'optional' folder only if you need to, as explained above. If you do, make sure they load after Pyroplasma Ammo Fix.esp, and after the Ammo Crafting Schematics mod if applicable.
In the game, you can enable and disable the safeguard functionality in the console, with 'set zPlasmaAmmoSafeguard to 0' to disable, or 'set zPlasmaAmmoSafeguard to 1' to enable it. Of course I recommend to leave it at 0.

Compatibility should be pretty much guaranteed. Note that the Pyromaniac damage bonus to incendiary ammo is achieved with a hidden perk that emulates the effects of the standard Pyromaniac perk, so if you use a mod that changes this perk's effects, you may want to patch this mod's version so that they remain equivalent. I don't really know of any mods that changes how Pyromaniac works, but maybe you do.

And of course, enjoy!