Fallout New Vegas

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Hidden at 23 Jun 2021, 12:05AM by ZuTheSkunk for the following reason:
After thinking on it for a while, I made the decision to take the mod down, probably permanently.

The chief reason for this is that I realized the mod is simply not fun. For a long time I have been trying to make the gameplay more engaging and approachable, and time and time again all I got was either receiving bug reports about things not working for no apparent reason, or seeing people in YouTube videos getting themselves killed over and over due to not being able to grasp the mechanics of the mod. This is a very clear indicator to me that without remaking the mod from scratch as its own separate game (which I do not have the skills to do), there is simply no salvaging it.

If you enjoyed the mod, then I'm glad you did. I sure learned a few things from working on it...