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A complete mod based on Five Nights At Freddy's, featuring five nights, five robots to deal with, lots of radiation, and more!

Permissions and credits
Five Nights at Vault 5 (V2)

Hello everyone! I have an unusual treat for you today: a complete, fully voiced mod for Fallout: New Vegas, based on the popular Five Nights at Freddy's series!

In this mod, you come across an abandoned Vault in the top-center part of the map; Vault that, as you quickly discover, contains a fully functioning Arena. Created by Vault-Tec as part of their ill-conceived project to design a survival training program, the Arena forces you to stay within its maze-like walls from midnight to 6 AM, five nights in a row, with no weapons at your disposal and with various robots roaming the whole place. The robots' only purpose is to patrol their surroundings and to try to catch you if they see you. You have no way to defend yourself other than closing the doors that are strewn across the Arena. You must prove to be the master of hide and seek if you want to stay alive and make it out of there victorious.

The key feature of the mod is that unlike any other FNAF game, you aren't stuck in a single room this time... now you have to MOVE. Evade your enemies, sneak around, and be both smart and daring. Are you man enough to beat this thing?

The mod offers several hours worth of playtime and a gameplay quite unlike what you can normally encounter in Fallout: New Vegas. You do NOT need to know what FNAF series is about or have played it before in order to play this mod.

Have fun!

The mod's TVTropes page: Link
The mod's Wiki: Link

Let's Plays:
RuneZRedMageCoffeeTwig, Leafman, AlChestBreach

I am ALWAYS looking for new people to
Let's Play the mod, so if you're interested
in recording yourself playing it, then by
ALL means please do so!

Installation / Uninstallation

Nothing unusual, just put the files in the corresponding folders in your Data folder, and then checkmark the mod in the Data Files menu in the game's launcher.

NOTE: If you are updating from older versions, then absolutely make sure to overwrite every file, as some of them were edited.

To uninstall, simply delete the files.


This mod needs both Dead Money and Old World Blues DLCs in order to run.

NVSE not required, but strongly recommended.

If you use a gamepad, then it's recommended to get the newest version of JIP NVSE Plugin (52.30 or higher).

IMPORTANT: If you do use JIP NVSE Plugin, then you should make ABSOLUTELY sure to use the version 52.30 or higher. This is because some of the earlier versions of JIP change the functionality of the IsXbox function, which can seriously mess up various things in the mod, even if you don't use a gamepad.

Mods recommended to use
together with this mod

- New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE). While not strictly necessary, it will unlock several very useful features.

New Vegas Stutter Remover. If you aren't on Windows 10, then it is STRONGLY recommended, as it will clear up any potential issues with the game running too fast if you have a high framerate. An alternative for Win10 users could be New Vegas Tick Fix.

- Mod Configuration Menu. The mod now supports having its options appear in MCM, which of course is considerably more convenient than using the terminals.

- Faster Terminals, as it's going to make opening terminals much less annoying (only necessary if you don't have NVSE or if you want it to affect every terminal in the game).

- Faster PipBoy Faster, since without it, having to bring the PipBoy up many times in quick succession is going to get really annoying really fast.

- NMC's Texture Pack (with the High Quality Textures setting turned on).

- Interior Lighting Overhaul, for more vibrant colors instead of dull grays and greens.

- Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch.

- Some kind of mod that extends the dialogue menu, like MTUI.


- Any mod that constantly forces some kind of value onto the TimeScale setting will make playing the mod either difficult or impossible. This includes Imp's More Complex Needs, for instance.

- Mods that change the positioning of the camera in the 3rd person view may (but don't have to) cause the robots to be able to see you from around the corners.

- Any mod that alters the player's speed MAY result in problems and/or in you having an unfair advantage. By default, the player is supposed to move 50% faster than in the unmodded F:NV while they're in the Arena (unless you turn that setting off, that is).

- There is reasonable suspicion that the Natural Selection mod will NOT work well with this mod, and cause the robots to be able to see you even from behind.

- Using mods that remove subtitles from dialogues is strongly inadvisable.

Known Issues

- If you have a lot of mods enabled (around 140, but probably even less than that), there is a chance that the mod's scripting might start failing to execute. I don't know what exactly triggers it, but if you see that something does not happen when it's supposed to, then this might be the problem.

- Depending on the mods you're using and your overall setup, there is a possibility that the game might crash when entering Night 1 or Night 5. If you have NVSE enabled, then you should receive a note with info on what to do if that happens consistently.

- While this is largely taken care of by now, there is still a possible problem where, if there's a terminal alert countdown going on and some other message gets in the way, this will cause the countdown to become desynchronized with the "x seconds left" messages. However, you'd have to be either using cheats or doing something I would never have thought of in order for this issue to pop up.

- For some reason, if you die and the game automatically loads an autosave, you receive a small amount of XP upon reload. The cause of this is unknown.

- Standing in the middle of an open door will make your hair seemingly disappear; walking away brings it back. This is a side effect of using transparent activators to make closing the doors a little easier.

- Although I did my best to prevent any situations where the game autosaves in a place where a robot spots you immediately after loading, on rare occasions it can still happen (usually if you're standing at the end of a long hallway and a robot comes from around a corner). It's recommended to make use of quicksaves, just in case.

Version History

* V2 (22.09.2019):

- I realized now that it wasn't really the best idea to relay the game's story through those overly long intercom voiceovers that feature my lackluster voice acting. From now on, interacting with the intercom while there are unread messages will produce a much shorter text summary of what the message is about, using only a few paragraphs to relay the information that was previously contained within a 5 minute long voiceover. You can still listen to the original voiced messages if you REALLY want to, though.

- Lowered the volume of intercom and holotape voiceovers, since a JIP LN Plugin update seems to have caused the louder parts to produce sound crackling.

- Saved most textures under a different DDS compression method, reducing their size with no loss of quality.

- Scripts that are meant to reduce Hunger, Dehydration, Sleep Deprivation and/or Rads will now reduce them exactly by the amount that the player currently has, which should hopefully prevent unexpected bugs and also support values higher than 1000.

- Fixed a handful of remaining bugs. I unfortunately wasn't able to fix the JIP Minimap no longer updating itself when there's a terminal alert going on.

* 1.87f (14.05.2018):

- Fixed a critical oversight in the MCM scripting that would cause certain scripts to not work if you don't have the newest versions of JIP LN NVSE Plugin.

- Fixed an oversight that made it impossible to pick Silent Running or Friend Of The Night perks during level up.

- Prevented debug objects from being visible in JIP Minimap.

- Other minor fixes.

* 1.87e (21.04.2018):

- Added MCM support. All options that could be accessed through the terminal in the main room can now also be accessed through the Mod Configuration Menu (just some will need to be unlocked first if you haven't yet finished the quest). All credit for the menu's scripting goes to DoctaSax, who took my crummy attempts at making the MCM menu and then optimized the hell out of them.

- Added an option to disable autosaves within the Arena (MCM only), if you feel like challenging yourself.

- Added support for the JIP Minimap mod, in that now the minimap should be able to display terminal alerts. Unfortunately, at the time of me writing this, the minimap doesn't yet support showing the robots (though this may change when JIP Minimap gets updated).

- Added an extra something to the Reward Room.

- Redone some of the item icons for better quality.

- The chemistry set in the Vault's entrance is now more precise in telling you how much time is left before it can be used again.

- Did some tweaks to how the mod handles the second elevator cutscene being disabled through the Emergency Settings.

- Other minor fixes.

- Added a teeny tiny extra easter egg in an out of the way spot. Can you find it?

* 1.87d (20.02.2018):

(This is mostly a bunch of quick fixes for issues that were overlooked in 1.87c, which was uploaded one day prior.)

- Added an error message for if you try to enter the Arena after 11:00 PM but before midnight, since the Time Skipper doesn't work in that circumstance (and I wasn't able to actually fix that issue).

- Fixed the lights at the Arena's exit potentially being turned off (when they shouldn't be) if the elevator cutscenes are disabled right at the start of the quest.

- Fixed a rare bug where the Vault gear door could display the incorrect messages for closing and opening if the animation failed to load.

- Fixed a certain issue pointed out to me by Kyo21943.

* 1.87c (19.02.2018):

- Added a new room, in which you can test out the 3 different types of door buttons. It's accessed the same way as the Introduction Room.

- Added a few extra door buttons to the Arena.

- Did some changes to ensure that a certain joke at the end of the quest is not lost on the player.

- Added workbenches to the entrance area, so that the Vault works better as the player's home.

- A wearable Vault 5 jumpsuit is now available in the dresser.

- Changed the switches and doors in the Introduction Room to be actually animated, instead of having their animations simulated through scripts. Also did some other minor tweaks to the Introduction Room.

- Made a better quality model and textures for a certain hidden item.

- Added a little something to the hidden area.

- Added an Emergency Anti-Bug Option for disabling the equipment removal, since apparently this is one of the possible reasons that some people are experiencing crashes.

- Made sure that the mod will warn you if you're using an outdated version of JIP (since doing so can break things in the mod).

- Made sure that if you use the centered 3rd person camera option and then load a save made outside the Vault, then the camera view will be properly reset.

- Made sure that the game will recognize if you attempt to beat the hidden challenge before you are normally expected to.

- Prevented a potential bug where if another mod had a dialogue greeting with a higher priority than the ones in this mod, then it would make using the intercom impossible.

- Other minor fixes.

* 1.87b (09.07.2017):

- Now the equipment you wore and the hotkeys you had before entering the Arena will be properly restored/re-equipped upon leaving the Arena.

- The wires of the door buttons will now light up when the buttons are pressed, to better indicate which door was closed and how the buttons are connected to it.

- Added a few extra lights and door buttons to the Arena.

- Added glowing symbols to Miss Cheeky and Mr. Bun-Bun to make it easier to tell them apart (primarily done with color-blind people in mind).

- Improved the overall visibility of the glowing elements of the doors, as well as the numbers on the Vault jumpsuit's belt.

- The Arena is meant to kill you if you reach 1000 rads, so I made sure that it will still kill you even if you use a mod that increases that limit or makes final radiation stage non-lethal.

- Did some small tweaks to make the first time playing Night 5 a bit more intense.

- Seeing how apparently there are multiple people who, for one reason or another, are having their game crash during at least one of the elevator sequences, I now added special Emergency Anti-Bug Settings to the terminal's Options. They are meant to circumvent bugs like this if no other solution is found.

- To prevent a potential random death at the start of Night 5, I made it so that the Hardcore Mode is temporarily turned off when you enter. Keep that in mind in case you're hunting for the related achievement.

- Made sure that the third robot always uses their running speed, since on less powerful computers, he could potentially move even slower than intended.

- Fixed Miss Cheeky not responding to some of the Arena's doors if they're closed while she wants to go through them, as well as some other door-related oversights with her.

- Made sure that the reward is affected by one of the Project Nevada's features (if you do use Project Nevada).

- Made sure that no robot will drop any items upon their death, in case you're using the Quickloot mod. This was especially important for the third robot, since he was previously carrying an item that you were NOT supposed to acquire under any circumstances.

- The previously implemented tweak for the door buttons (the one that forces them to respond even if you're not perfectly aiming at their collision) will now work with Xbox gamepads as well. (Requires JIP NVSE Plugin version 52.30 or newer.)

- Made sure that one of the secrets can be operated with a gamepad. (Requires JIP NVSE Plugin version 52.30 or newer.)

- Other minor fixes.

* 1.87a (20.09.2016):

- The Vault jumpsuit is now equipped with a visible clock, rad counter, and an alert counter, all of which update in real time.

- Fixed a potential random crash while in the Arena. Unfortunately, the side effect is that the third robot no longer exhibits the fleeing behaviour and instead just straight up teleports.

- The anti-crash thing previously wasn't implemented correctly and prevented the death counter from working as intended. It's fixed now.

- The "Times Pip-Boy Was Used" stat previously wasn't keeping track of this correctly, and was counting down not just the Pip-Boy, but also some instances of you opening some other type of menu. It's fixed now.

- The inside of the elevator is now going to be shown when you first enter the Arena at the start of the quest.

- Pressing right mouse button in Pip-Boy menus while in the Arena will no longer cause anything to happen, including that annoying "place marker" pop-up. (NVSE-only)

- Did the few last tweaks to the meshes & textures of some objects.

- Other minor fixes.

* 1.87 (06.09.2016):

- Added a special secret on the occasion of the mod's one year anniversary. Can you find it?

- Added an option to show where the third and fourth robots are currently going, by highlighting the spot they intend to reach.

- Added small screens on top of the terminals, which will display the countdowns of the alerts (in addition to the messages).

- The Arena's terminals now have a bit more unique models.

- You no longer have to use the Time Skipper to skip time; using the elevator door will give you the same option.

- The options terminal can now be opened from any spot in the Arena by pressing H (NVSE only).

- If automatic saves upon leaving the Arena are enabled, their thumbnails will now show how far you are into the quest.

- Tweaked the behavior of the third and fourth robot to possibly prevent them from causing unwinnable scenarios during the Ghost Challenge.

- It would seem that due to Cheeky & Bun-Bun now waiting a fixed amount of time before moving to the next position, occasionally you could see them both trying to stand at the exact same spot (in places where their paths intersect). This is fixed now.

- Prevented the situations where you can see the robots inexplicably vanishing or appearing out of thin air.

- Added one extra door button, and also fixed one button that was difficult to press in 3rd person.

- The terminal closest to the windows now has its alcove shortened.

- Cheeky & Bun-Bun now subtly glow in the dark, to make it easier to distinguish them from one another.

- In the event that the game crashes while you're trying to beat the hidden challenge, the game will now be merciful enough to not forfeit the challenge if you load an autosave.

- Other minor fixes.

- You can now poke the robots and they will make a sound. ;)

For the notes on the older versions, see the attached readme.


ZuTheSkunk: The mod.
Scott Cawthon: The original Five Nights At Freddy's, on which the mod is (loosely) based.
Snazyl ( Link ): Voice of the unnamed prospector
Morgenstern ( Link ): Voice at the end of the quest
UncleSigmund: Siren sound effect.
MusicBoxAttic.com: Robots' melodies.
DreadNaught: Custom Vault jumpsuit resource.
Tortured Tomato: Blank Vault jumpsuit normal textures.
jamesblitz90 and mp3clan: Victory tunes.
Jonochrome: Third robot's music
GowlerMusic and DiscoveryME: Fourth robot's sounds
Amads: Fifth robot's sound
peepholecircus and Q.K.: Power on/off sound
odin_ml: Light switch ( Link )
AnOneTwo: The Reward
NeilMc_NMC: Intercom buttons and some other textures
BarkersPinhead: Button mashing sound
Halleck: Applause sound
Khuskan (Newgrounds): Elevator music
Kwahmah_02: Door beeps
Omny87 ( Link ): Hi-res Radiation King poster
Acoraito ( Link ): Hi-res Victory Tomorrow poster
DragonX016: Introduction Room tune ( Link )
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com): Introduction Room challenge tune ( Link )
Kalindra04: Hair of the fourth robot
Terry Malick: Dress of the fourth robot
Dimon99: Body of the fourth robot
KiCHo666: Animated part of the hidden reward
Mongo, b3w4r3 and Jokerine: Some of the clutter found in the secret room
Jack Weijiesen: The animated switch

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