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I just did some genral behind the scnes stuff did more work on interiors and added a functinal molerat wonder meat machine.

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            RaGe of Hell 0.9.55 Alpha -- Worked on The Brink somemore

Welcome to the wasteland, finaly one will be able to discover the TRUE reason for the bombs dropping, and learn that it was not just a "war" with china and USA, it was something much more sinister devised since 1910.... a wasteland is what you will face if you stay asleep.

____________________________________________Complete Stuff______________________________________________________________________

*Adds 8 additional interiors that are fully compatible with popular interior mods like interiors project and AWOP, they are, primm gas station, good springs  shack, Glee apartments room 20 and 12 (room 12 partially incomplete but left open so player can obtain the 3 anonymous messages inside), lonz apartments room 21 (POH only 5% complete locked for players), novac burned house, stevebison left wing first floor and 2nd floor. (should be compatible with mods that change interior of bison Steve because theirs 2 side doors that allow you into this mod's interiors if have a mod installed that blocks the 2 stock doors) Note: all the interiors except for lonz 21 are not nave meshed currently all others are. /cancel {since will want to get the anon messages from 12 recommend having partner wait outside while you do what you need to do inside} nolonger nessacary as it is now navmeshed, not much to see in lonz  21 and it is locked to player so only accessible via console cmds.

*custom object: dirty wares for somereason got deleted in mod process now restored

*kekistan flag and hail pepe the great weed nuker, (see government weapon of something 1000x stronger than thc)

*adds 2 "micro" interiors, (ones that are now part of the stock without loading screen) in the Bison Steve 2nd floor, did extensive testing and trial and error to ensure the change in portals doesn't mess with anything

*adds 2 new series of nuka colas. blue series being crystal, lime, and golden shower. green series being the gloss series adding rhaspberry, blu' berry, sly shy slyme lyme. (i think the shy part has to be added in next version, not big deal to game play) also a single OP nuka cola twist, i dont recommend drinkign this as i still need to adjust the time to make it so it acauly wears off.

*premium versions of foods, such as ultra premium sailsberry steak, deluxe blamco mac+cheese, royal fat cakes. as well as a single 103 wagyu Ribeye, and a single Wagyu No Sumibiyaki, and caviar.

*varius misc items, checkerboard, ruined checkerchess board, empty versions of the added nukacolas, golden silverwear that can be cleaned to make it even more golden, item "pot" now has a use, dirty silverwaer that can be cleaned, (i might implant something to where food recipies require clean versions of wares and you obtain dirty version after and then have to clean it, though dirties can already be cleaned, im 90% sure) and probaly other misc stuffs i have forgoton

*adds some new statics too like green table and green curtains (no collide) and red carpet for rooms and much more static edits, probaly do not need to go into detail about them as they will be seen while exploring, or no mods i have saw went into detail about that

*new caps, these are based on the values of colors of rupees on legend of zelda seirs (exept red and green becuase red is default 1) greencap: 2,
blue cap: 5, yellow cap, 10, purple cap, 50. I may or may not add more caps, the yellow and purple will soon have nukacolas and empty bottles to go along with them with the nice cap-adding effect that the green and blue nuka colas have.

*new armour, hardoned vault 21 jumpsuit, made by combineing 3 reg v21 armored jumpsuits, regular armored jumpsuits can be made with 3 regulat v21 suits and 5 scrap metal, ALL instances of "hardened" were accidentally spelled "hardoned" so accept it as an accent cuz don't want to change scripts for a minor spelling error (plus it was ALL instances of it), this is the wasteland anyway too busy surviving to worry about proper grammer and spelling. i plan to make the hardoned version have the 21 on the back red, but the texture when i attempt to extract is odd .dds and appears to have the vault 101 armored suit mixed with the armored 21 suit a blue print is needed ro make the hardoned vwersion found in the Bison steave, note it is not nesserly in the stock or the new areas.

*new Weapon that is fully moddable, New world order commemorative glock, found in Tomas Rothschild's room in the Bison Steve leftwing. The mods for it are, increased zoom, i believe it zooms 2.5x more than a regular 9mm with scope, ext mags, makes you be able to hold up to 25 (forgot what it is before upgrade, think its 18) and a secret new weapon mod titled "NWO secret weapon mod" only hint I will give is it is in one of the vault tech vaults, when this is applied you  will do much more damage with the weapon, as well as the stock green sites will be replaced with purple. tested extensively to make sure all possible combinations of modding the weapon are the proper world model (thugh there appears to be a bug that effects ALL moddable weapons, sometimes when drop it after modding it wont show the world model of the modded version this is fault of stock game and not this mod)

*4 messages from anonymous one located in the Bison Steve, and 3 located in glee room 12

*fixes some annoying bugs, an ugly clipping in the first floor of stock bison steve, a tile on the 2nd floor of bison steve, ugly clipping in mick and ralphs, and put the MOVEABLE container in goodsprings gas station to make it so cant be glitched and make the static sack on top float

*coloured balls, the single big red ball was boring and now finaly can make a play pen tank like from the 50s 90s eta at mcdonalds arcades eta movable static ones and obtainable ones.

*Colistic ammo, (CL) this is some rare semi-OP ammo that is rare and hard to obtain made by Collastic ,Inc (maby HQ buildign added later)

*i know i added more but cant remember off back of my head now

*ALL accidental malicious changes have been removed from bisonsteve02 cell, i checked all other cells and no malicious changes in any other cells found.

*adds a fully modifiable base ball bat like the one found in gun runners arsenal, dosent require it but wont have texture for pipboy image of mod item if don't.

*Can now exchange caps at terminals for colored ones (one godopsrigns chack one PoH one in v21 giftshop)

*PoH open to piblic, i diddent furnish it much assuming meany woudl want to funish it themselves with a buildign mod or console commands.

*how to get to some of the interiors, while its obvious how you get to some of the interiors by there town name, some you may have diffcult time locating.
glee apartments and lonz are located near "The thorn" you know those 2 blue apartment buildings that have no inteiors, they are located there.

for the moiment progress at updateing is completly halted untill i can get a new PSU.

*dont take the Covid 76 ""vaccine"" found in few places......
___________________________________________planned stuff_________________________________________________________________

quest in which can join destoy or ignore the NWO

*ots more stuff as i get an idea that i can also do in the geck, coem up with meany ideas but my skilsl are not high enugh to make all my ideas come back to life, but despite that everything in the mod appears professinaly done.

*lonz apartment room #12 - fully complete exept for terminals and secret room.

*APTX 4869 this is from an anime and what it dose is turns you into a child, knowing there's already like 2 ways via cmds to transform self into child could learn a little scripting with this, not on high priority list, in the anime it was never complete, and it may be same for this mod :P.

New in 0.3.88 The brink interior is getting an early realease it is far from complete, theere is a weapon "Hody" in the brink located in newvegas north sqare, this was released early do to a request. (so i could add the weapon)

Dream island: a dream from inside the brink there is no exit so will have to COC rohthebrink to exit. plan to also add a non dream version of this island.
________________________________old Descripptions___________________________________
Since overtime things and in shortenings additions done to the mod will degrade over time as lots apprears to be lost in the descrioption overtime luckaly way back machine lets us see old descriptions and the site back when it was with the nicer layout.

start. https://web.archive.org/web/20151003001944/http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/60443/

old voting system, nolonger a thing. https://web.archive.org/web/20151103040143/http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/60443/

request ... https://web.archive.org/web/20160712215134/http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/60443/