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an outfit made by combining parts of several outfits found around the nexus.
Now with 45 variations in-game.

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The hood doesn't override the hair slot so expect some clipping with some hairstyles.

This is a custom armor set I made using parts found in other mods around the nexus, the armor fits the T6M body and has a BnB option.
You can find the armor in a safe just to your left after you walk out of Doc Mitchels, should be near where the road splits.

Installation Instructions...
1: pick and download the version that suits you out of "T6M BnB - or - T6M Non BnB"
2: Take note of the hoodie colors available (currently variations of Black, Blue and Red)
3: Pick and download a black hoodie
4: Pick and download a blue hoodie
5: Pick and download a red hoodie

6A: Install with your favorite Mod Manager
6B: Unzip all the downloaded 7z archives to your Fallout New Vegas root folder (so the download folder structure matches your game structure)


*for BnB version users only* Compatability Skeleton - BnB BodyExtender FAFF NVG by Astymma w Credit To BnB-BE-FAFF-NVG teams

A type 3 body texture

While technically not required, the T6M body is recommended if you dont want the character's body to change when the armor/clothing is (un)equipped, you can find it here..
for T6M
Type 6 Modification Body NV by Izumiko

for T6M BnB
Bouncing Added Outfit Mods by Nagothm

Thanks to...
The team behind Fallout New Vegas
The Nexus community
Autodesk for 3dsMax
The creators of GIMP2.8
The team behind Nifskope and the associated plug-ins
Izumiko for the T6MBody & Assets from his "T6M Combat uniform" mod
nagothm for the BNB T6MBody from his "Bouncing Added Outfit Mods" mod
Alex3874 for the assets from his/her "cloth collection" mod
dangman for the assets from his "Vegas Girl Variations" mod
Wakeboy3 for his texture edits to the hoodie, jeans, scarf and tanktop
If I forgot anyone let me know.