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Custom designed vending machine interface that sells all weapons, ammo, and mods in the game, including DLC and mod added weapons.

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This mod needs the most recent version of NVSEJIP LN NVSE, and UIO

The original mod was pretty cool, it opened access to most every weapon in the game, made it easy to find weapon mods for whatever weapon you wanted. But the interface just sucked. Nobody likes message box menus, least of all me. So I made a new one. Welcome to Vending Machines of the Wastes - Part 2.

Ever wanted to spend your hard earned caps on some cool weapons and ammo, but couldn't find what you wanted? Ever looked at a Nuka-Cola machine and wished you could slip some money into it and get a nice cold soda (well keep wishing because that's not happening here). But the first one is!

Includes TTW support.


For locations and other information, see the read-me.

Weapon Vending Machine:
Newly modeled, and with a brand new custom interface, the WVM sells weapons all weapons, from DLC to mod. It can be easily configured through INI files to ignore certain weapons, or by changing a setting (see below) it can even sell uniques.
  • Deal of the Day: The deal of the day is a offers a random item for sale at a discount. The item can be a Weapon, Weapon Mod, or a small amount of ammo. Deal of the day is unique per location, and certain machines prefer certian items over others, so it's in your best interest to find them all.
  • Weapons: The weapons interface is completely overhauled, providing a list of all weapons and an option to filter weapons by skill type. It also shows an overview of the weapon's stats, the weapon's icon, and a list of any weapon mods the weapon takes.
  • Ammo: When a weapon is change to a list of all the ammo that weapon takes, from the main menu the Ammo selection works the same as the Ammo Vending Machine detailed below.
  • Weapon Mods: Selecting Weapon Mods from the main menu will present you with the mods available for your currently equipped weapon. When selected from the list of weapons, you get the list of mods for that weapon.

Ammo Vending Machine:
Making using of the same new interface added by the WVM, the AVM no longer requires that you equip the weapon you wish to buy ammo for. Instead you will be presented with a list of all the ammo in the game. Simply punch in the amount of ammo you'd like, select it in the list, and purchase. The machine will also show what makes each ammo distinct (number of projectiles and the first 3 effects). You still pay the same 4x premium for this convenience.

Magazine Vending Machines:
Magazine machines now sell magazines (any type) for 3x the base price. These prewar machines have been modified to accept payment in caps for the convenience of strip patrons. These machines now work in two ways. By changing a setting in the INI (see below) you can get an 'infini-mag' interface that will sell magazines through a custom menu in unlimited quantities. If you've got the caps, you can buy it!


This mod is not really intended to be 'lore friendly'. Instead it is more a meta resource that allows you to access game items in a somewhat lore friendly manner, giving that convenience a cost, but letting you play your game a little more how you want it to be. No more waiting on the vagaries of the loot system to generate the items you want in merchants. If you've got the caps, you can buy it. All options are completely configurable, check the Settings section below.

Anyone who has used the previous mod, which can be found here, will notice that the Eat'o'Tronic, Nuka, and Sarsaparilla machines are missing. This is because they were proving too problematic to convert to the new system (and because I've been working on this a year and a half and want to be done with it), so they got left out. Similar systems can be set up, but they would not be quite the same. This wasn't an easy decision, but it was made so that the mod could be finished without holding me back wanting to get everything done.


Mod settings are handled through an INI, found in Data\Config\Vending Machines of the Wastes. The setting names should be self explanatory but their effects will be covered below. These settings are loaded at game launch, so the game must be restarted if changes are made while it is running.
  • fMarkupAmmo - The multiplier for ammo cost markup.
  • fMarkupMods - The multiplier for weapon mod cost markup.
  • fMarkupMags = The multiplier for magazine cost markup.
  • fMarkupWeap = The multiplier for weapon cost markup.
  • fDealDiscountAmmo = The multiplier for ammo daily deal markup.
  • fDealDiscountMods = The multiplier for weapon mod daily deal markup.
  • fDealDiscountWeap = The multiplier for weapon daily deal markup.
  • fWeaponVoucherMult = Unused
  • fVendomatPriceMult = Unused
  • fNukaMachinePrice = Unused
  • fSSMachinePrice = Unused
  • fDealTime = How long in real seconds before daily deals refresh.
  • fMagazineResetDays = How long in game days before magazine machines regenerate contents.
  • iDealLevelCap = The level cap for ammo deals. This determines how many rounds are available in a deal.
  • bVendomatUseCaps = Unused
  • bSellUniques = Lets the weapon machine sell unique weapons as defined by the files found in the Uniques Config folder
  • bEnableAmmoMachines = Enables or disables the crappy ammo machines found in a few locations.
  • bEndlessMags = Enables or disables the option for magazine machines to use a custom menu interface that will sell and endless supply of magazines.
  • bDebug = Outputs data about the mod's working to the console.
  • bDebugArrays = Outputs all arrays to the console.
  • bDebugVerbose = Enables extra debugging lines for more in-depth debugging.


Making use of external files and settings, I made the effort to make VMW as easy to add mod support to as possible. There are two definition lists of items that cannot be sold in the weapon and ammo vending machine. One is for items that should NEVER be sold, and the other is for items that should be considered unique. This setup was done so that users can decide whether or not they would like to be able to purchase unique weapons.

By default, the weapon vending machine will sell ALL weapons that are playable, not embedded, do more than 0 damage, and have a value greater than 0. Beyond that, telling it not to sell weapons is as easy as adding an INI file to a specific folder. The INI file can be created by adding all of the weapons you wish to have in the list to a container (and only those weapons or ammo), standing in front of and placing the crosshair over the container, and then typing in the console
set VMWProcessContainer to 1
This will output into Data\Config\Vending Machines of the Wastes a file that contains all of the items in that container. You will need to split the resulting list into sections just like the files under the NoSell or Uniques folders, and add it to one of those folders in your mod.

  1. Occasionally a magazine will fall through the world and disappear. The machines reset every day, so check back the next day.
  2. Because of the way the WVM finds weapons, it will display uniques from mods that are not supported. Leave a comment with a mod and a link to it, and I will work on patching it to work.
  3. The new interfaces do not work with controllers. While it's probably possible that I could have done it with Lutana NVSE, it's just not a top priority for me as the extensive amount of recoding required is somewhat daunting.