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The Forum is a mod that uses the unused area in The Fort and turns it into a merchants square filled with various Legion Troops. Fully voiced and includes a custom meshed weapon.

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Ever looked at the unused tents in The Fort and wish that the Legion was something... More? Me too.

After two months of hard bug filled madness I have managed to fill this area and bring it to life. The Forum offers three new merchants (fully voiced) that sell all Legion items and a new look at the average Legionnaire's life.

This mod might be a bit buggy with navmeshing/npc's doing what they're supposed to. Just a warning.

It is recommended that you use a mod that increases your draw distance, or edit it in your Fallout.ini file.


After you install the mod you will notice that all the tents in The Forum will have a mesh that you can walk through. This is due to LOD Meshes. While developing the game Obsidian put these LOD Meshes in this unused area to prevent pop-in on the Tents while climbing the hill.

To remove these LOD Meshes on the tents go to http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/58562/? and begin your download.
Once you have FNVLODGen installed, open it. On the left you will see a list of worldspaces. ONLY HAVE WastlelandNV "Mojave Wasteland" [WRLD:000DA726] checked! It comes like this naturally so it shouldn't be a problem. To your right, there is two boxes. Objects LOD and Trees LOD. Make sure you only have Objects LOD checked as well. Click Generate on the bottom right. Once that is done you're good to go and start playing in the mod.


Without these people, I could not have even started making this mod. I had a lot of help along the way and learned a lot from these people. If you're reading this, thank you so much.

Cheekin1337: Super special thanks to you. You might as well have co-developed this mod and I hope I can help you with some stuff in the future.
SuBNeRoCL: Also helped a ton on the mod, co-co-developer?
Adonis_VII: Humble Helper 
Lichruler: Voice Actor of the Merchants