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This mod intends to address doctors insta-healing wounds and bones by adding dynamic passage of time dependent upon the severity of injuries being healed.

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Mod Description
This mod intends to address doctors insta-healing wounds, limbs, and radiation by adding dynamic passage of in-game time. Time passes similar to waiting. If you are playing hardmode then your characters needs increase according to the time passed; you may get hungry, thirsty, and/or sleepy. We all know we have to wait when going to the doctor's office... might as well make it 'realistic'.

Generally, time to heal is in two parts- health and limbs.

  • Time to heal to full health ranges from 30 minutes to heal slight wounds to 2 hours if your character is almost dead.
  • Limbs are treated individually and can range from 30 minutes for a fractured limb to 1 hour for a crippled limb.
  • Regardless of the severity, the cost is always the same for the doctor used... the only addition is the time to treat injuries.
  • I've tried to interject some humor into the injury descriptions as a sort of throwback to the original Fallout games. You either like it or you hate it I suppose.

If something needs fixed, a brief on-screen message will show for 5 seconds. Your health gets it's own message. Each limb gets it's own message if it was fractured or crippled.

Version 1.4 Update
The latest update adds dynamic wait times to healing radiation.
  • Time to treat radiation ranges from 15 minutes if showing no symptoms to 2 hours if terminally ill with radiation.
  • Cost is still the same
  • A humorous comment for each scenario.

Install Instructions
Add the DoctorsTakeTimeToHeal.esp file to your New Vegas/Data folder.
Activate the mod in your mod manager.

This mod Is incompatible with any other mod that affects adding dynamic time to doctor healing. Which as far as I know there isn't any at this time.