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Adds protective energy shields all over the game to creatures, NPCs, shops, and loot. When equipped, energy shields protect you from damage as long as they have remaining shield points.

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Full HUD support is now available here! Grab it and you can see shield bars.
This is an expansion of my mod Energy Shields New Vegas that includes Tale of Two Wastelands compatibility. Please see that mod page for most information. This mod requires that you use TTW Fixes, which is part of the normal TTW install anyway.

In addition to putting shields all over the Capital Wasteland, I've added some new content:

  • Aliens have a new shield type. They light up white to dim gray depending on charge level. Their special ability is to ignore damage equal to 5% of their max SP, to a minimum of 1 damage. This effect is similar to DT.
  • Two new unique shields are in the game. Zeta is the only alien shield the player can use, and is dropped by the Alien Captain at the end of Mothership Zeta. Its stats are 80 Max SP, 5 Recharge, 5 Delay, and 15 Break. It acts like any other alien shield, so it will ignore 5% of its max SP (4) damage per attack, to a minimum of 1 damage. The other new unique is the Order of the Shield. This is placed in your inventory when you finish talking to Elder Lyons after waking up in the Citadel at the start of the Broken Steel DLC. It has stats mostly identical to Force Aegis, but in exchange for 1 second longer Break, it has a 10% chance for each attack to not cost SP. It lights up white like an alien shield when this happens.
  • A new perk has been added. Overcharger requires level 22, 70 Science, and 5 Intelligence. This perk makes shields charge over their maximum by 20%. This won't change the actual value the shield lists in your PIP-Boy, nor does it affect the calculations done by Alien and Ablative shield effects. A cool bonus: when shields are above their normal maximum, they have new colors! Alien glow brighter, and all others will light up purple-cyan. Other than the player, all Enclave personnel have Overcharger. This includes all Enclave Remnants in the Mojave, even Arcade Gannon (he is the only companion with Overcharger).
  • There is also a new trait. Nerd will reduce Endurance by 1, but makes all shields charge to 10 SP higher than their listed maximum. This trait works just like Overcharger (it doesn't affect listed value in the PIP-Boy or the calculations of Alien and Ablative shields). If both are taken, they will both apply, but Nerd's flat bonus is not affected by Overcharger's multiplier. This trait will be terrible for players who rely on heavy combat that drops their shields frequently, but it's great for players who use cover and rely on shields for most of their damage taken. If updating from version 1.00, please first remove this trait! Player.RemovePerk XX00DA6F will do this for you, with XX being the load order of the EnergyShields.esm file.

I've also made a few changes to the older content:
  • All ESP files are merged. This is entirely standalone and should not be used with any other Energy Shields mods. It already includes support for all DLC packs from both games. Importantly, the content of Energy Shields Expanded has not been included in this, instead a new perk has been added to improve shields at higher levels. Please do not use Energy Shields Expanded with this. Many updates were made to these scripts for this release, and that mod will not include them.
  • By request, boss-type animals such as deathclaw alphas, giant ant queens, and mirelurk kings have lost shields. Shields are meant to be technology, so (non-robotic) animals will not be using them.
  • Ghouls in general are less likely to have shields, although ghoulified NCR troopers still do fairly commonly.
  • Shops that carry shields may now carry any rank of them, provided your level is high enough. No longer are any shops capped.
  • Boss shields no longer apply a 50DR effect while active, and their Break duration has been increased from 20 to 30 seconds. This was based on player feedback. These shields are already incredibly powerful and only appear on the strongest enemies. Having DR was too much. To partly compensate, I boosted Shield Points on all ranks of Boss shields by 100 and Recharge by 10.
  • More powerful shields are much more likely to appear at higher levels, both for your enemies to be using and for you to find as loot.
  • Unique shield Mercy Cross had its recharge increased from 5 to 6.
  • Unique shield Taurus Imperalis now has a full second to display shields (and thus get bonus DR), instead of 3/4 of a second. Its Break has been reduced from 7 to 6.
  • Unique shield Broken Steel cannot take more than 1/4 its max SP from a single strike (was 1/6).
  • Ablative shields cannot take more than 1/3 their max SP from a single strike (was 1/4). These and Broken Steel were too powerful before, plus with both Nerd and Overcharger increasing max SP without affecting the calculations these shields use, you still can get more out of these shields anyway.