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This is a mashup between Joshua Graham's Armor and Ulysses' Duster. It's standalone and has the same stats as Joshua's armor.

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Graham's Armor
This is a standalone armor that was created as a mashup of Joshua Graham's Armor and Ulysses' Duster.
No DLC is required for the armor to work.

It has the same stats as Joshua's armor: Light Armor, Weight 8.0, DT 15, Crit Chance 3%.

The armor can be found next to the grave at the Northern Passage. Check the image for more information.

You can also add the armor through the console with: player.additem xx000AAA 1
Replace "xx" with the Load Order number for this mod, which should be visible in your mod manager.

There's an optional file available with the texture variations of the original Courier duster.
Two different options to add a turtleneck to the female version of the armor, one with covered midriff.
Lastly there's a file that lets you replace Joshua Graham's Armor, and it requires Honest Hearts DLC.

You could also check the mod "Courier Vests" which has some really nice options.
The vests won't work together with the armor, but you could replace my texture with one from that mod.

If you want to remove your PipBoy glove, use: player.unequipitem 25b83
If you removed the glove and want it back: player.equipitem 25b83