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There are gas stations in New Vegas, but where are the gas pumps? This mod puts them where I think they should be.

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Gas Pumps of New Vegas

This is a mod that adds gas pumps to the Poseidon gas stations dotted around New Vegas.

I originally made this model to help out with Fallout - Project Brazil and decided to turn it into a standalone mod.

There are quite a few different versions that you can come across: There are base colours of yellow & blue and red & white. As well as this there are destructible versions of each and a collapsed version. There is also a grimy variant (which can be found lying in radioactive sludge) and a stripped variant with no hose or sale price (which has been scavenged for parts).

Feel free to post recommendations and criticisms for the mod in the comment section. Also, if you like the mod I'd very much appreciate it if you considered endorsing it :)

I'll leave it to you to decide... I personally think it is as there are gas stations in New Vegas, so it makes sense that there would be gas pumps too. Also, the gas pumps in this mod are branded by Poseidon Energy, which is an energy company in Fallout lore, so it fits in that sense too.
I recommend that you use a mod manager such as Nexus Mod Manager to install this mod, so that you can easily uninstall it.
If you do want to install it manually, just copy and paste the meshes and textures folders and the ESP found in the .rar file into the Fallout: New Vegas data folder.

Remove the files you installed using your mod manager of choice or by deleting my files.

Thaiauxn for the textures, collision meshes, modular number wheels and for asking me to make the gas pump model in the first place, as I wouldn't have thought to make it otherwise.
Me for the rest of the mod (models, esp stuff, destroyed variant, etc.)
thaiusmle and MonoAccipitor for cleaning up the ESP and fixing a few things for update 1.5 :D

I don't know about the permissions on this one. If you would like to use the assets from this mod in your own, you should ask Thaiauxn for permission, since I made the models for him and Project Brazil initially.