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An overhaul of the vanilla power armors + Scorched Sierra by making you feel like a walking tank, but not completely invincible.

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Now with "lite" version which has significantly (mostly) reduced armor values compared to the main file,
but still vastly superior to vanilla power armor stats.


It's a simple mod that tweaks the vanilla power armors by increasing their values across the board. It also changes the T-51b pipboy icons as well.


  • FalloutNV.esm
  • LonesomeRoad.esm


  • Extract to Data folder to install
  • Remove associated files from Data folder to uninstall

What this mod changes:*

  • Renames Remnants Power Armor to Adv. Power Armor/Helmet
  • Renames Gannon Family Tesla Armor to Gannon Tesla Armor/Helmet
  • Renames unused Tesla Armor to Adv. Tesla Armor/Helmet
  • Adds DR (Damage Resistance) to all armors
  • Increased Damage Threshold across the board
  • Increased value and item HP for it to be more costly to maintain, but also more resilient to condition degradation
  • Significantly increased weight for all power armor/helmets
  • Power armors carry themselves with an additional carry-weight bonus added depending on the model (with the exception of NCR Salvaged Armor) if equipped
  • Increased Strength for T-51b/Remnants Armors
  • Adds Energy/Fire/Poison Resist to all power armors
  • Increased Radiation resistance of all power armor/helmets
  • Adds Action Points for power helmets and critical chance
  • Adds underwater breathing to T-51b/Remnants helmets
  • T-51b power armor/helmet icons

* For the exact values, please see the power armor stat change screenshot.

Recommended mods:

-Project Nevada // for first person pov visors along with night vision and thermal vision for power armor helmets! It also allows you to adjust the minimum damage after damage reduction (DT/DR). Vanilla default is 20%. Recommended 10% or less with power armor.
-Realistic Weapons Damage // for increased damage multipliers - wearing power armor with this mod will be a lot more noticeable.
-Power Armor Soundified // for more power armor immersion; mechanized footsteps with player character/NPCs wearing power armor.


Anything that modifies the values of vanilla power armors or pip boy icons for T-51b. Other than that, none that I'm aware of.


1.05: Fixed non-faction T-45d weight and adds Scorched Sierra Power Armor. Requires Lonesome Road.
1.0: Initial release.


New T-51b Icons New Vegas by Captain-Ultima