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This mod adds a chance that any human NPC will become incapacitated when their health reaches below 10%. When that happens they will either remain motionless on the ground or writhing in pain but not dead. They will, however, begin to loss one point of health for every 10 seconds they are laying wounded on the ground.

Once they are incapacitated, you will have the options to access their inventory, heal them with stimpaks, or place a slave collar around their neck if you have one.

There are three slave collars that can be found on the workbench at Goodsprings or they can be crafted at any workbench.

When you add a slave collar to an NPC will you get a number of other options, including, forcing them to follow you, detonating their collar, tying them up and more.

When enslaving NPCs they won’t necessarily help you in battle or fight members in their own faction. They might even try to fight back.


Only requires Fallout: New Vegas. That doesn’t include any of its DLCs or NVSE.

Know Issues

Some enslaved NPCs will not follow the player out of an interior. They will follow the player into interiors but not out. This is due to some NPCs having No Low Level Processing which prevents them from processing their AI Packages when the player is in a different cell than them. I currently have no way of fixing this.


Bethesda/Obsidian for Fallout: New Vegas
Weijiesen for the custom blood textures

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