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Gives Courier ownership of interiors when the local faction is gone. Now includes Powder Ganger camp containers.

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There are a few locations in the game where the interiors are owned by the locals. However, after they are gone they still own that cell. For example; REPCON Research Labs is owned by Jason Bright's ghouls. Even after you shoot them into space, or crash their ships together, and they aren't coming back, they still own that area. This mod corrects by adding a command in the quests involving such locations. When you complete the quest (or in one case fail it), ownership of that cell is set to the player. That way you can't "steal" from people who are gone for good.

Below is a list of the places and quests involved.

NCRCF Buildings - Complete "I Fought the Law" in favor of NCR.
Powder Ganger camp containers - Complete "I Fought the Law" in favor of NCR.
REPCONN Research Labs - Complete "Come Fly With Me" by either sending Jason's people to their promised land, or crashing their ships together.
Buildings in Nelson (owned by local Legion group) - Complete "Restoring Hope" by helping NCR retake Nelson.
Cottonwood Cove - Complete "Eye for an Eye" by eliminating local Legionaries.
Silver Rush (3 quests can end badly for the Van Graffs) - Complete Cass' companion quest, complete "Tend to Your Business" (from BOS), fail "Birds of a Feather by a major NPC dying.

These are really small changes, but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

New optional file with "cheat" esps for each location. You need to have the main file running for the scripts to work. Just activate the file for the location you want, start the game, and you will get a message for each such location. Save your game and you're good to go. You can deactivate the file and continue your game. There is also a single file to give you ownership of all 5 locations. Have fun!