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Is regular Nuka-Cola too boring and flat for you? Stop by Fizz Nuka's in Freeside and carbonate it! This mod features a Nuka-Cola carbonation system and a short little quest.

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The next time you visit Freeside be sure to visit the brand new Fizz Nuka's Carbonation Center, run by founder Reginald "Fizz" Fitzgerald. We'll add the Fizz you never knew you needed! But what's this? The merchant supplying Fizz has raised his prices again! Help Fizz Nuka's and the people of the wasteland by convincing the greedy merchant Mark Seddon to give Fizz a better deal.

Hey everyone, hope you enjoy my mod! There are a few things I'd like to go over.
-It adds a new building by the Strip North Gate where you can carbonate your Nuka-Cola for a price.
-There is a very short quest added.
-All the voice acting is done by me so it may be a bit bad.
-No expansion packs are required for this mod.
-You may find a reference to this person in the mod. For better or worse I did not try to imitate this person's voice. :P

Alright, thanks for reading that. I'll be in the Posts section if you have any problems or encounter any bugs.

A Simple Package Delivery
Vault 11 - Story of the Sole Survivor