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A sketchy bounty hunter and an even sketchier old dude. Both are quest aware companions with their own non linear, highly replayable quests.

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Companion/Quest Mod

(Detailed walkthrough of the first questline, presenting all choices - major and minor - and their different outcomes.)

(Let's Play of the mod by Alchestbreach) (Skip to 7:20 for the mod)

Crossroads is a companion/quest mod for Fallout: New Vegas. It features two new quest aware companions, both with their own unique characters, quest lines, conversations, and interactions with vanilla content and NPCs. There are 2000+ fully voiced lines (out of 3000+). The two companions possess 2200+ lines, 1200+ of them voiced. NOTE One companion is fully voiced,while the other only partially. Robert has 1000+ fully voiced lines, while only 240 of 1200+ Brandon’s lines are voiced.

Story/Narrative (Lore-friendly)
What begins with a seemingly simple bounty at a Legion slave market, can lead you all the way through the dirty bowels of a buried NCR disaster, or throw you right in the middle of an old hunt between the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel, in which your role as hunter or quarry is uncertain till the end. Bounty hunters, non-electronic old men, legionaries, rangers, informants, mysteries and snooping around, unreasonable revenge, lots of opportunities to insult people, and occasional (and somewhat avoidable) mass violence. Along the way you’ll be the one to decide who’s your ally and who’s your foe, and you’ll play your own essential part in your companions’ stories.

The mod’s quests and storylines are non-linear and highly replayable, with multiple paths and over 10 different endings. Even discounting the endings, you can’t experience everything in fewer than 5 playthroughs. And you can even discover new alternatives and characters during your 6th and 7th run. You will experience well under half of the mod's content in your first playthrough.


- 2000+ fully voiced, lip-synced lines (out of a total of 3000+)(all but one NPC are fully voiced).
- 2 new companions with 2200+ lines (1200+ of which are voiced).
- 1 recruitment quest line, 2 companion quest lines, and 3 sidequests.
- Branching narrative with multiple endings (over 10).
- About 3-4 hours’ worth of content (quests, conversations, interjections), with a lot of optional secrets and hidden solutions, requiring multiple playthroughs (up to 5-6 to experience everything).
- Both companions have a plethora of topics to discuss (though most of Brandon's are only triggered in specific locations).
- Both companions are quest aware. They remark, intervene and interact with a variety of vanilla locations, quests, encounters and characters, and sometimes even with vanilla companions (over 100 such cases) (IMPORTANT Both Robert and Brandon can sometimes interact with other NPCs in conversations, both in vanilla content and in their personal quests. As Brandon's remarks are unvoiced, make sure to turn on subtitles and stand close to him, so you can see what he says.)
- A reputation system with the companions. Depending on what you say to them, or do around them, your reputation with a companion can increase or decrease, from liked, up to impressed/respected, or all the way down to hated etc.
- Reputation checks in conversations and specific situations within quests, testing your relationship with the companion.
- A lot of skill, SPECIAL and also perk checks in dialogue.


The first quest is relatively easy and can be undertaken at any point. I suggest doing it at around level 10, give or take. Though even a level 5 player will still be able to complete it, just not pass most of the skill checks. The two companion quest lines contain higher level skill checks, and also some fights with tougher high level opponents, and should be undertaken towards the endgame. Brandon’s quest only triggers close to the end, anyway (much like Arcade’s). Robert’s triggers depending on the player’s actions, or when they might trigger it. The suggested level for both quest lines is level 25 or higher.

Where to go, how to begin

Simply head to Cottonwood Cove Overlook. Instead of a few abandoned houses, there’s a now a Legion Slave Market. The first quest starts somewhere there. You first need to speak to the head guard, though, and get permission to enter, otherwise the other guards won’t be friendly. Just follow the road, until you get close to him, and he’ll initiate a conversation.

There’s three methods of gaining entrance into the market. One involves your vanilla companions (maybe leave Boone out of this one), the other involves Legion outfits, and the last one relates to a preacher on the Strip. Choose whichever you prefer.

Helpful Tips (IMPORTANT) (aka, how the hell do I trigger the companion quest lines?)

This mod was designed to be played within a full play through of the game. That’s how you get the most out of it, as the companion remarks on a variety of locations, quests and decision, but also perhaps most importantly, because their personal quest lines don’t trigger instantly after you recruit them. Depending on how you behave around and what you do with the companion, the quest lines can trigger at different points, and in a different manner too, depending on your reputation and what you’ve discovered about your companion throughout the course of your travels.

In case you are stuck at any point, or simply don’t know how to trigger a companion’s quest line, or want to experience all of their different remarks and interactions, just have a look at the ‘Helpful Tips’ document, or the .txt (or the README section on this page). It should give you all the information you need to know to experience the entirety of this mod’s content.


Fallout: New Vegas
Dead Money


No conflict with any other quest or companion mods, as far as I’m aware. If you experience any specific problems, or know any mods that you think would conflict with this one, please let me know.

Credits (Voice Actor – Role, in alphabetical order)

Brendan Brassil – Slave Market Greeter (Legionary)
Brett Hayes – Drugged Legionary (Legionary), NCR Trooper
Chad Dyoso – Legionary Assassin Leader
Christian "Brox" Bhagwani – Slave Stand Guard #1 (Legionary)
ColeCosby – Viper Priest (Slave)
Danielhodgeva/Daniel Hodge – Brotherhood of Steel Knight
Elijah Lucian – Ronald
Gianni Matragrano – Anthony, Preacher
James Milne – Robert
Jbels08 – Slave Prison Guard (Legionary)
Joseph "Ickbard" James – Slave Stand Guard #2 (Alpha, the Instigator)
Josh Griffiths – John
Lichruler/Mathias Schlienger - Brahmin Baron
MegaMoeka – Analisa/Fake Nicole (Prostitute), Prostitute
Mike D – Brandon
OREOwnd/Boon – Chatting Legionary #1 (Legionary)
PitchPerfect – Drunken Ranger (NCR Ranger)
Pruu/Thomas Sullivan – Frightened Prison Slave (Slave)
SnapGator – Desk Jockey
Tawny – Merchant Slave (Slave) 
Taylor Vincelli – Nicole
th3overseer/Jackson Couch – Sleazy Prison Slave (Slave)
TheDemonJackal – Chatting Legionary #2 (Legionary)
Tony V. – Brotherhood Spy (Patron)
Victoria Marie – Informant
Vulon/Jeremy King - Keith Rodgers (Veteran NCR Ranger Chief)

Thanks to the entire Voice Acting Power Squad.

Many thanks to Fallout2AM and Unoctium for invaluable help with scripting, and other stuff that I’m not smart enough to figure out on my


- Hugo van der Zeeuw
- MellowMagoo

If I forgot to include your name in the credits, or you would like to be credited in a different way, please don’t hesitate to contact me through a PM, or, if you have it, my e-mail.


Extract the contents of the .rar folder into your New Vegas data folder.


Version 1.01
-Fixed an issue where Brandon would skip over a whole section of dialogue when you first speak to him.
-Added a lot of missing voice acting files.

Version 1.02
-Added and voiced a few additional remarks for Robert.
-Re-voiced the Veteran NCR Ranger Chief, and rewrote some of his lines.

Version 1.03
-Fixed a bug where in some cases Brandon wouldn't talk to you after you've persuaded the drunk Ranger.
-Removed the background static in a few lines.
-Added and voiced some additional lines for Nicole, and also rewrote a few.

Version 1.04
-Voiced four unvoiced lines for Robert.
-Voiced two unvoiced lines for Brandon.
-Added and voiced custom dialogue for the Brahmin Baron in the Slave Market.
-Marked the dagger that Robert gives you upon entering Gomorrah as playable, and removed the quest item flag that prevented you from dropping it.
-Removed the 'fake' speech check in your first conversation with Robert, which would fail either way.

Version 1.05
-Re-voiced the Preacher.
-Improved the audio quality of the second chatting Legionary's voice acting files.
-Tweaked and slightly rewrote some dialogue, in accordance with the voice acting.
-Added bad karma gain for recalibrating the slave's collar.


Thanks a bunch for downloading this mod. I hope you play it and have fun, instead of playing it, despising it, and then deciding to curse me and my future children (they’re cursed anyway, they're my children).

If you do happen to enjoy it, an endorsement is always appreciated. It makes me feel good inside.

I always welcome any comments, be it praise or criticism. Keep them coming. Cheers.


Try ‘firing’ your companions. Not to the Lucky 38. To their own ‘base’. Find them there, and then talk to them. You might discover something