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It always bugged me that when choosing the Wild Wasteland perk you had to give up one of the best weapons in the game in the process. While GRA came along and remedied the problem of sacrificing some of the super limited mini-nukes for the holy hand grenades the YCS remains unobtainable without cheating it in with the console. This mod is simple, it removes the YCS from the merc boss' inventory, replacing it with a standard Gauss rifle, and places the YCS leaning against one of seats by the campfire, so if you're playing without Wild Wasteland you get your YCS and a Gauss rifle as a bonus, if you're playing with the perk you still get your YCS plus your alien ray gun, pew pew!

PAQ (Probably Asked Questions)

Q: But a mod already exists for this!
A: Yes, however that mod adds the YCS to the alien captain, fine in an otherwise vanilla environment, but the ever popular mods FOOK and Project Nevada, both of which I consider to be must-haves, along with the Convergence mod to make them compatible with both each other and many other great mods, happen to modify the alien captain, which makes that method incompatible. This method provides better compatibility, hardly any mods touch the merc boss at all. Also, that's not a question, that's a statement.

Q: Okay, so are there any compatibility issues?
A: As I said, I know of very few mods which touch that NPC at all. The only one in my load order that does is Mission Mojave Ultimate Edition, and I made this specifically to be fully compatible with the minor tweaks made by MMUE. It will conflict with any other mods that also alter the merc boss, possibly mods like New Vegas Redesigned 2/3 or Fallout Character Overhaul, if you'd rather have their changes just load this mod first, the only downside is you'll get an extra YCS when playing without Wild Wasteland, but then you don't really need this mod in that case so you can just disable it.

Q: Will you make a compatibility patch for X mod that alters the merc boss?
A: I can't really see the point in doing so, if you have need of this mod then he won't be appearing in your game anyway as the aliens replace him and his men, if you're doing a non-Wild Wasteland playthrough in which such a patch would be relevant then you have no need for this mod and can just disable it and loot the YCS from his corpse as per vanilla.

Q: No pics no clicks!
A: We've been over this already, that's a statement, not a question. I'm not going to upload screenshots for this, it's completely unnecessary, this isn't a retexture, or a new model, or anything that you need to see a picture of to know what you're getting. It's just a small tweak to the game and everything you need to know is already described here.