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Highlights : Updates VATS fix scripts for FO 3 weapons and to deal the correct amount of damage, factor in more perks, factor in your actual ammo values and actual difficulty/sneak damage modifiers. Fixes crit damage for shotgun ammo such as slugs and 4/0 buck. Fixes a ton of broken leveled lists that were causing low level enemies to spawn regardl

Permissions and credits
Update note (August 2017) : This mod was a WIP when I uploaded it, you should have a backup save before installing it just in case. Risewild has said that it breaks TTW but i'm not sure how exactly as no details were provided, but i have done multiple playthroughs with it with no major issues and only a few people have reported crashes with it so far. That said, you are free to modify the mod as you like, if i get sufficient time i might clean this up and release another version.

Update note (September 2017) : Just got a reply from Risewild regarding how the mod apparently brreaks TTW, he doesn't have any direct details since he didn't install the mod itself, but some users were apparently reporting crashes, most commonly near the potomac. Since i almost never modified the worldspaces directly, im guessing this is a mod conflict of some kind.

In case anyone gets a crash, please make sure you have NVAC installed and check for mod conflicts first. And feel free to contact me and i will try to help you.

If you need to contact me, it will probably be faster to contact me on steam :

I dont really use that account for games but i just use it for communicating with my friends. Feel free to add me and message if you have any problems though.

Clarification : I am not a member of the TTW team, these are the bug fixes that i was modding for my own game that i have decided to release to everyone so that everyone may benefit from them.

See the readme for the full changelog.

Requirements :
-TTW (Tale of Two Wastelands)
-TTW Fixes (TTW bug fix patch, available on the TTW forums, mod releases section)
-NVSE latest version (
-Lutana NVSE plugin (
-JIP NVSE plugin (

Compatability : Due to the massive number of fixes (especially the weapon fixes), this is likely to conflict with some of your mods. I suggest loading this patch as high up in the load order as possible and then using FNV edit to resolve conflicts as necessary.

Latest version : Unofficial Patch 1.1 (made using TTW 2.94b and TTW Fixes 2.2.2)

Highlights : Updates VATS fix scripts for FO 3 weapons and to deal the correct amount of damage, factor in more perks, factor in your actual ammo values and actual difficulty/sneak damage modifiers. Fixes crit damage for shotgun ammo such as slugs and 4/0 buck. Fixes a ton of broken leveled lists that were causing low level enemies to spawn regardless of how high level the player is. Full changelog below :

Vats Fix explanation :

The new VATS fix scripts aims to make multi-projectile weapons (such as shotguns) do the correct crit damage in VATS, as the game engine currently limits them to one crit only. The current VATS fix scripts from sources like the YUP unofficial patch currently cause massive overkill damage as they assume the script fires only once, when it instead fires once per crit.

Unfortunately the script fires once per crit, which means that currently the fix will cause you to deal more damage in VATS than outside of VATS, as the game engine applies the normal crit + the damage from each script.

So for example a weapon that fires 4 projectiles each critting for 10 damage, will crit for 10 damage (the one applied by the game normally) followed by the script firing 4 times (once per crit) for 40 damage, making it 50 damage in total.

If anyone knows a way around this to make the script do the proper damage, please let me know.

The script also currently assumes that you are using the default perk values that affect crit damage, if anyone knows of a way to get it to check the actual perk modifiers, please let me know.

The script will check your actual ammo effect values and apply them accordingly (DR, DT and damage modifiers), up to 6 separate modifiers. The script also factors in your actual difficulty damage modifiers and sneak damage multipliers.

The script also fixes the incorrect damage caused by slugs and 4/0 buck, by increasing their crit damage accordingly. So for example a shotgun that fires 7 projectiles at 10 crit damage each can normally crit for up to 70 damage, but when using slugs it would still only crit for 10 damage. The script should make slugs do up to 70 damage if it crits, both in and outside of VATS.

The script factors in a LOT of variables, so it may not work perfectly. If you notice any odd damage results, please let me know.

Unofficial TTW Patch 1.1 (made using TTW 2.94b and TTW Fixes 2.2.2)

Note : The Version 1 readme incorrectly stated that Barkskin was changed. I didn't make any changes to Barkskin, that was put in the readme by mistake. TTW Fixes made the change.

Companions :

-Added more checks to Charon's dialogue to make sure the special shotgun he uses to kill Ahzrukhal is removed after he is done with it.
-Fawkes and RL-3 now gain the correct amount of health per level. Whoever made the companions forgot that if "PC level mult" is checked, then they gain their base health PER LEVEL. This was giving Fawkes 250 hp per level and RL-3 350 hp per level, leading to ridiculous amounts of health. Fawkes now gains 25 hp per level (similar to Lily) and RL-3 gains 35 hp per level.
-Fawkes now has the correct super mutant 15 DT instead of 50 DR.
-RL-3 now has the mister gutsy 25 DT.
-Dogmeat's min level was lowered to 1 so that he now correctly gains 5 damage per level, instead of 1. He still gains 100 hp per level because he has no DT effect.

Enemies :

-Slightly shortened the names of Irradiated Lonesome Road NPCs and Y-17 harnesses to avoid them blocking the HP/DT indicators from Living Anatomy.
-Added the player faction as an enemy to the enclave faction to try and fix the issue where some enclave troopers would spawn friendly to the player until they got close.

Weapons :

-Changed the MPLX Novasurge to use 4 energy cells per shot, double that of the plasma pistol (same ratio as in FO 3) and increased it's skill requirement to 75. It still outdamages plasma casters, don't worry.
-Increased Callahan's Magnum's base damage to 15 more than the TTW Lincoln repeater (80, same ratio as in FO 3) and it's crit damage accordingly. Also increased it's crit multiplier to 2x (same as in FO 3) and it's skill requirement to 75. It was the best small gun available in FO 3 because it required you to nuke the citadel at the end of Broken Steel, this just updates it to stay the same way.
-Increased the base damage of the heavy incinerator back to FO 3 values (35) to try and stop enclave hellfire troopers from refusing to use the heavy incinerator since their NV pistols outdamage the NV heavy incinerators. Note that the heavy incinerator is still subject to the impact damage bug (no impact damage outside of VATS). Crit % was also changed to FO 3 values (1% crit). Explosion damage and other effects unchanged.

Perks :

-Superior defender's DT bonus changed to +3 DT (same ratio that was used to change toughness from FO 3 to NV)

NPCs :

-Made slight changes to Greta's packages to try and get her to finish her infinite smoke break.

Misc :

-Removed some left over debugging lines from the ignore DT script that were printing debug messages into the console. Still trying to figure out a way to make melee weapons ignore DT when used by NPCs.
-The fix to make shotgun slugs and other ammo that fire less projectiles than normal do proper crit damage should now factor in the shotgun surgeon perk.

Anchorage :

NPCs :

The power armored soldier's minigun no longer has "NPCs use ammo" checked. This should prevent all the power armored soldiers in the simulation from suddenly running out of minigun ammo and resorting to punching chinese soldiers with their fists.

Broken Steel :

-Elder Lyons should now add the player to the DC Brotherhood faction instead of the NV one.

Mothership Zeta :

Companions :

-Fixed a bug that was causing Paulson to not shoot the alien in the engineering core scene. Turns out the AI has no idea how to switch ammo...
-Elliot's scripts no longer give him an additional assault rifle in the cryo lab (not sure why this was in vanilla FO 3 in the first place)
-All companions should now have proper follow packages that have "continue during combat" checked (like most FO 3 and NV companions), to prevent them from running very far away from the player and getting them killed, such as Paulson in the Hangar.
-Added more dialogue checks so that companions get flagged as the player teammate appropriately (so that they restore health after combat and will sneak with the player)
-Removed the AP ammo from companions, they now use a special ammo that ignores DT. Temporary fix until a better solution can be found for FO 3 companions not being designed for the DT system in NV (taking suggestions).
-Companions should now only say their engine room specific lines once, instead of repeating it every time they go near the trigger location.

Misc :

-Re-aligning the support drone sensors should now work correctly, the version 1 fixes weren't enough.
-Manually added the cryo lab feral ghouls to the feral ghoul faction to try and fix them attacking each other.

Needs more opinions :

-BOS/Outcast/Enclave soldiers using gatling lasers will switch to their pistols (if they spawn with them) when shooting at each other because gatling lasers with normal ammo cannot bypass power armor DT. They also will refuse to use weapons like flamers against super mutants for the same reason. This makes some sections such as the attack on the satellite relay in broken steel very silly (picture a bunch of BOS soldiers running around with 10mm pistols shooting enclave soldiers). Not sure what's the best way to fix this.

Issues that im trying to fix with not much success :

-Non hit scan weapons with explosions deal no impact damage outside of vats (mainly the missile launcher and fatman). This is due to a game engine bug, but there should be a way to do a proper workaround (like with the gauss rifle fix). However I cant make a script that always fires when the missile hits something (including the ground) and adding a damage effect will not take into account perk modifiers, etc.
-The Heavy incinerator fires multiple shots in VATS but only uses up 1 ammo each time. This seems to be animation related because changing the gatling laser to use the heavy incinerator mesh causes the same bug.
-Sometimes you will get stuck in permanent caution or danger mode even if it is impossible for any enemies to detect you. This happens VERY often in areas like the Old World Blues areas. Most of the time, you are not actually detected, so it is a false alarm. Sometimes you can see enemies constantly switching from alert to normal states (Walking normally, then drawing their weapon, holstering it, then getting alerted and drawing it again). This usually happens when there is a dead body nearby and for some reason the detection event from the dead body never expires like normal, so they keep getting alerted infinitely from the dead body.
-Killing someone with no witnesses should not cause faction reputation to change.
-The knockdown chance from "And stay back" does not factor in the reduced projectiles of some ammo types like slugs.
-If targeting a very close range enemy in VATS, sometimes the hit % drops to 0 (Especially common with melee/unarmed weapons) or when firing a weapon, the hit % is correct but the shots hit too high
-Automatic weapons firing bursts in VATS will sometimes miss with all shots even at 95% hit chance
-Sometimes super mutant masters/overlords spawn with sledgehammers instead of super sledges at high levels, the leveled lists look fine, and this happens in vanilla NV as well. No idea what is causing this.
-NPCs sometimes refuses to equip weapons, seems to happen most often with flamers/incinerators. Also happens with companions refusing to equip weapons like the anti-material rifle. This is present in the vanilla game.
-The deathclaw mother's mesh is bugged so that when you attempt to target its head in VATS, you actually end up targetting the neck. Unfortunately i cant figure out whats wrong in the mesh file, can anyone help?
-Enclave scientists have a 0% targeting chance for the torso and legs in VATS and enclave soldiers in mark 1 advanced power armor have their left thigh as part of their VATS head location (probably something wrong with their mesh).
-Kills from the Mister Sandman perk currently do not cause any karma loss/gain
-Mines placed ontop of one another do not apply damage correctly, e.g. stacking 5 mines ontop of each other will usually cause only one mine to apply it's damage. Probably an engine bug.
-NPCs/creatures that use melee attacks will stop moving while performing the attack animation, allowing their targets to walk out of range before the blow lands, instead of moving forward to keep the target in range. Watching veronica try and fail to hit a back pedalling Fiend for well over a minute was very silly.
-The inactive support drones in the robot pods for the weapons lab and biological lab teleport to the entrance when the player enters those cells. I can't find anything that is causing this though.

Possible issues :

-LAER and Elijah's LAER is affected by the laser commander perk, not sure if intended.
-Run and Gun perk does not appear to affect moving accuracy, can anyone confirm?
-Automatic weapons either crit for the entire burst in VATS, or no shots will crit, instead of calculating crits for each bullet (probably engine limitation)

On possible to do list :

-Fix several perks like ninja to affect base crit chance like they did in FO 3 (debatable whether this is a bug)
-Make GRA and non-GRA weapon variants function the same (use the same item mods, etc). Strictly speaking not a bug but most people use some kind of mod that does the same thing, and this patch will conflict with those mods.

Credits :

-Roy from the TTW team for helping me figure out several modding issues
-Yukigachi for his original VATS fix scripts
-Whoever did the laser/plasma VATS fix scripts that were included in TTW fixes
-Anyone else whom i may have missed that have helped to answer my modding related questions