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A TTW fix for crashing when Fatman is equipped.

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Note: this is now outdated, this was made in july of 2015, and should not be used unless using a old version of TTW, which I would not recommend. The problem that causes this can easily be fixed by using VORTEX or LOOT. 

This is a simple fix I made in GECK for when users crash when equipping the Fatman with Tale Of Two Wastelands is installed. this is caused by mod conflicts making the Fatman attempt to use Liberty Prime Ammo. (my case was using Weapon Mods Expanded http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/39651)

I made this for those whom either are A: too lazy to use GECK. B: don't know how.
this is an open ESP file. I take none and have no desire for any kind of credit. Use this file as you please.

(picture made by me sourced from official Fallout backgrounds)