Fallout New Vegas
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Replaces the default 10mm pistol with a current-gen redux model and texture.

Permissions and credits
Replaces the default 10mm pistol with a completely redone current gen version. Also enables you to remove that horrendous block thing under the barrel if you so choose.

Only replaces the default 10mm pistol. ATM it doesn't replace the pistol in Courier's stash or any TTW weapons as far as I know. Remains moddable with the silencer, laser sight and extended mag. 

Drag and drop into your New Vegas directory and check the ESP in your mod manager of choice.

All work in this mod is my own (cubemaps excluded). Do not redistribute without my permission.

NOTE: Al Chestbreach recently showcased this mod in one of his videos, thanks to him for that. However I'd like to note that he claims that the weapon mods do not work in this mod. He must not have installed it correctly, because I can assure you that they do work fine. If you're having any errors of this sort ensure that this mod is loaded after any others that alter the stats of the 10mm pistol, such as WME, IMPACT, etc. To be safe just place it at the end of the load order. It alters nothing aside from the model that it uses.

For an .esp that alters the weathered 10mm pistol too, check this mod