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Adds the experimental XL70 to the wasteland.

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This mod adds the XL70E3 from Fallout 2 in the form of the XL70 (The E3 designation was reserved for the LSW variant). It comes with it's own Bullpup animation (Thanks to Joefoxx082!) and custom scope reticule, plus 3 modifications - Improved Rifling, Light Bolt and Extended Magazines.

It has been integrated into the appropriate leveled lists and repair lists; You'll find it at the Gun Runners and on high level Legion Soldiers/NCR Rangers, respectively.

There are no know compatibility issues I have encountered, but feel free to expose any you find so I can fix them.
This is my first attempt at a scratch made custom mesh/texture so any creative criticism would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks to the people at Blender for enabling people like me to model without breaking the bank, thanks to the folks at Nexus for creating this wonderful site, a big thanks to Millenia for his tutorials, and a HUGE thanks to Antistar for allowing me to use his Improved Rifling icon!