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Now with 1200% more Neps! (That isn't even a random number. I did the maths.)

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One day when some otaku loser was walking down towards The Strip, he noticed that the Securitrons had a serious lack in nepping ability. Well there was only one way to fix this huge flaw with the original design of the Securitrons. Scrap their old faces, take 20 minutes to figure out how to open a .dds file (double-click it, by the by), and move over a picture of the goddess of nepping to said .dds file. And thus, whatever this is was born!

Keep in mind this is my first mod and is probably very bad. I just am not good at a large amount of things.

After getting my New Vegas to work after being broken for a year due to me and my terrible hard drive configuration, and going back on the NV Nexus to redownload some of the mods I had, I noticed that a fraction of people actually gave a crap about this mod. And I was all like: "yo fam wtf why im so shit tho." So I decided to redo the mod entirely since I know a lot more about the wonderful world of Fallout modding than I did almost 2 years ago.\

I was also extremely reluctant to come back to the NV Nexus because I was afraid it would pull me back away from Fallout 4, and boye, I need to keep on that shit i am not even kidding right now i am at 1236 hours right now and i need to prove to my friends that i have less of a life than they do

Now instead of just replacing the Securitrons with a single png of Neptune, it replaces ALL of the Securitrons with DIFFERENT PNGs of Neptune! Revolutionary I know. There's also a chibi version of the mod that makes you die from excessive blood loss from the nasal region.

Victor -> Nepgear (because nepgear isn't a good enough protag to be the normal securitrons)
Securitron Mk 1 -> Neptune
Securitron Mk 2 -> Purple Heart (credit goes to MoxyMangleFoxy for this one, tbh i'm too much of a dumbass to figure that one out on my own.)
Jane -> Compa
Yes Man -> Histoire (but it only works for the Securitron Yes Man, not the Mr. House-replacing Yes Man)
Marilyn (I mean she was cut from the game but I still have the file so I replaced it) -> IF
My Sanity -> Destroyed because photoshop can be extremely tedious sometimes

Note: For MAXIMUM IMMERSION, play this song on an endless loop whenever you play this game and never turn it off ever.

Just extract all files to your data folder. ez pz

To Do List (nothing here will have a set release because I'm way too busy rn trying to grind for the winged victory mercy skin):

  • fix basically everything about the Histoire pictures
  • find new Histoire pictures
  • figure out where the hell the textures for the Mr. House screen are and nep the shit out of them
  • figure out where the securitron voice lines are so I can replace those too (seriously if you know where they are could you like pm me telling me where they are I've driven myself mad trying to find them for 2 years.)
  • eventually figure out how fomod installers work and then add some customization to your nepping endevours
  • add broken nep textures for Old World Blues
  • replace muggy but maybe not because muggy is the fucking best how could you replace muggy

Nepcuritron follower is dead. By the time I finally finish it, it will ACTUALLY be 2281. Also the damn GECK keeps crashing and it's irritating me.