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Added: 08/07/2015 - 12:45AM
Updated: 21/03/2017 - 08:48PM

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I was generally quite pleased with how Bethesda implemented the crafting system for Fallout: New Vegas. However, there were several "features" of the crafting interface (Recipe Menu) that made it tedious, and at times frustrating to use, namely:

  • Being limited to crafting a maximum of 100 items of a given recipe at a time, despite having the required components for much more.

  • The menu would automatically close down every time an item was crafted, requiring you to keep re-opening it if you were not done.

  • When using a mouse, you would first need to highlight the recipe on the left side, then carefully move the cursor over to the the opposite end, for the 'Accept' button - sometimes while accidentally highlighting another recipe.

With this mod:

  • You can craft as many items as you can (have the components for) of a recipe - all in one, single batch.

  • You can keep crafting, uninterrupted - the menu will remain open until you select to close it.

  • When using a mouse, you can simply click on a recipe, directly from the list, to select it. There is no need to also click 'Accept'.

This is a tiny, purely scripted mod. It does not modify any UI files. It should work with any UI style (default-Vanilla, DarnUI, MTUI, etc.) and should not conflict with anything.



Use the Nexus Mod Manager/Fallout Mod Manager/Mod Organizer, or manually extract the .7z file into your Fallout: New Vegas 'Data' folder and enable JIP Improved Recipe Menu.esp in your mod manager.