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Allows you to completely reconfigure everything about your character, including re-allocating all skill increases and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. whilst preserving any bonuses from skill books, etc. Correctly removes all perks from all DLC and mods, and includes patches for More Perks and More Traits to ensure that all the perk effects are reverted.

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Complete Respec
Old World Blues

New Vegas Script Extender


Complete Respec allows you to completely remake your character. I was always bothered by the permanency of all the decisions you made during character progression, now nothing is permanent - it can all be re-done.

This mod works by resetting your character back to their level-1 state, whilst remembering a few important things such as reward perks, and then giving you all your experience back so you can level up all over again. This means you are free to pick new perks at level-up and completely re-allocate all your skill points however you wish.

You are also given the option to change anything else you want about your character. So that means name, S.P.E.C.I.A.L., tag skills, traits, appearance and race (meaning this mod is the only safe way to change race without the game removing all your perks) - basically you can re-do everything you've ever chosen during character generation and leveling-up.

To respec your character you must be level 2 or higher. Use the Vit-o-Matic Vigor Tester in Doc Mitchell's house again, and pay attention to the warning which is displayed.

When respec'ing you retain all bonuses from Skill Books and Bobbleheads, etc. Intense Training, Tag!, and other such bonuses are removed, but you're free to get them again if you re-select those perks. The bonus SPECIAL point gained from completing Lonesome Road is also removed, but you will get the chance to re-allocate it again when you're done. Implant bonuses are preserved, but they are removed whilst respec'ing and re-added once finished. This means they don't show up when you're given the option to re-allocate your SPECIAL so you'll need to remember which ones you have (so that you don't put a SPECIAL to 10, forgetting that you get a free +1 from an Implant).

During the respec process you might get notifications that your reputation with certain factions has changed. This is due to some perks adding reputation when you receive them. However, Complete Respec accounts for that. The reputation effects are undone when you begin respec'ing, allowing the perks to re-add the reputation when your done. Basically you can ignore any reputation notifications.


Complete Respec requires:

The mod will not check for these dependencies so make sure you have the latest version of each or things will go wrong. If you have any issues, please ensure the plugins are up-to-date before reporting it.


This mod can be uninstalled at anytime, just not in the middle of respec'ing your character.


Complete Respec should work fine with the overwhelming majority of perk mods. The only exception is perks that have non-standard implementation, and for which the author didn't account for the loss of the perk.

An example is the vanilla perk, Scrounger. Acquiring the perk sets a global variable so that more ammo can be found. However when the perk is removed the global is not reset, so Complete Respec fixes this by manually resetting the global so the perk's effect is correctly removed along with the perk. Other examples are Animal Friend, Bloody Mess, Ferocious Loyalty, Fortune Finder, Friend of the Night, and Implant GRX - these are all correctly handled by Complete Respec.

Basically, mods which have perks with these sorts of implementation will require a patch so that the perks are undone when removed.

The Mojave Investor and Shells for Shelly perks from More Perks make permanent leveled list edits. The Complete Respec patch solves this by cancelling out the changes if the perks are removed during a respec, but removing the Complete Respec patch will also remove this change meaning the unused perks will have their effects again. Therefore you will need the patch loaded even after you respec to ensure these two perks aren't affecting gameplay when they shouldn't. Alternatively, the way to fix this permanently is to uninstall More Perks, make a clean save, and then re-install it. The obvious downside to doing this is that you'll lose any perks from More Perks (but hey - with this mod you can just respec and select them again).

Known Issues

This mod will attempt to fix broken stats - those being stats which have a permanent negative modifier. This can be the result of using ForceAV or ModAV in the console, or if a mod uses either function inappropriately. The problem is that skill books and bobbleheads add a permanent positive modifier. Hence, if your stats have been broken this mod will fix them but not preserve such bonuses (as the other mod has effectively cancelled them out). For most people this won't be a problem as stats will rarely be broken, but if you wish to fix your stats the following can serve as a guide to how.


My Mods

I spend a lot of time creating and supporting my mods, so any donations are gratefully received.