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Like FLVJOD's visuals ? Like Freeside Open UNCUT's gameplay ? Now you can have the best of both with this esp that bridges the content from these two amazing mods, now you truly can have it all !!

Permissions and credits

FLVJOD Freeside + Freeside Open UNCUT patch by skibadaa

After playing with Freeside Open UNCUT, I had concluded it to be the definitive freeside mod, what more could possibly be added?
Enter prodlimen with FLVJOD Freeside. Now I was pained by having to choose between the beautiful visuals of FLVJOD and the enhanced
content of Open UNCUT.

To address this I have made a simple esp that adds some of the new statics from FLVJOD to the Open UNCUT worldspaces in a way that provides
maximum visual impact while preserving all quest/npc/navmesh functionality of UNCUT.

Now you need no longer choose, now you can have it all in true New Vegas fashion!! 


1. Download and install Freeside Open UNCUT.

2. Download FLVJOD-Freeside Full Version 1.6and copy the "meshes" and "textures" folders into your NV "Data" folder.

3. Download the "FLVJOD-Freeside Open.zip" file from the downloads section of this page and copy the "FLVJOD-Freeside Open.esp" into your
    "Data" folder.

4. Activate "FreesideOpen.esm" and "FLVJOD+Freeside Open.esp" in your load order.

     -Example load order:

      [x] FalloutNV.esm
      [x] -All other esm's
      [x] FreesideOpen.esm
      [x] -All other esp's
      [x] FreesideOpenPatch.esp
      [x] FLVJOD-Freeside Open.esp

5. Play!

Known Conflicts

Will conflict with everything that Freeside Open UNCUT conflicts with, AKA: other freeside mods. Outside of that none that I can think of.

A word on Performance

Both FLVJOD and Freeside Open are pretty resource heavy on their own, more so when combined. For this reason I have tried to include only what I consider to be the most aesthetically essential additions from FLVJOD, and I have done my best to optimize the layout.
Regardless though, you should expect to lose 5-10 fps on the main concourse leading to the strip entrance. If your system is not up to handling either
of the source mods individually then dont expect it to not melt when you add this to the mix. 

The quoted 5-10 fps is what I lose, that's on this system:

i5-3750k 3.40Ghz
NVidia GTX 780 ti
16Gig Ram
2x 500Gb SSD's


moburma80 for Freeside Open UNCUT: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/46355/?

prodlimen for FLVJOD Freeside: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/55951/?

Bethesda for NewVegas