Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Revamps the old food textures for the box packages with textures ranging from 1k-2k size, lore friendly too.

Permissions and credits
3.0 Has been released and I may or may not continue to work on this project any longer.
This mod introduces lore-friendly hd textures as well as altered meshes and respectively, their UV maps.
There are two choices of textures, clean or dirty, which im sure nearly all if not most will like it dirty. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So what have I done to the vanilla meshes and why should I keep reading?
Well there are some things you may want to do after downloading this mod.

First, click here if you own a copy of -> Fallout 3, and want this mod for it.

Second, Fallout 3 and NV have a duplicate item called Junk Food, I replaced this with another flavor of Spring Valley chips since it would still be lore friendly and I was tired of seeing a carbon copy of another box, it is now called Barbeque Crisps, the only way to bring this into the game is by esp as the "Junk Food" item has no original mesh and is a complete duplicate of the Potato Crisps.
Now the 3.0 version comes with a working vanilla plugin that can be overwritten with an optional
 Dead Money plugin if you have the DLC.
Third, this mod includes a retexture for the following objects: Abraxo Cleaner, Barbeque Crisps (Formerly Junk Food), BlamCo Mac N Cheese, Bubble Gum, Dandy Boy Apples, Fancy Lads Snack Cakes, Greasy Prospector Pork and Beans, Insta-Mash, Potato Crisps, Radioactive Gumdrops, Salisbury Steak, Sugar bombs, Tin Can, WASHO Laundry Detergent and last but not least Yum Yum Brand Deviled Eggs. 
This mod now comes with a high poly remesh of the tin cans and the Pork and Beans can that are compatible with the given tin textures.

Fourth, all of the boxes have their own unique sides/panels/textures to them so that they are no longer dependent on one large texture, meaning anyone can add or edit whatever kind change to the texture of a box be it some kind of advertisement you want to it or anything that YOU think fits into the game better than I could do.

Fifth, i've included the original xcf files in the downloads tab and some other resources for you all to toy around with and improve upon my work, so if you think that you can do better than I have done so far.......

Sixth, I tried my best to get these boxes as close to the lore as possible, I wanted to make it feel real enough to exist but still have that retro feel that fits in the game as the vanilla stuff does. I used advertisements from both games from loading screens to billboards to implementing ingredients and recipes from Fallout wiki/ fansites as inspiration and advice on how to construct these boxes appropriately, you can even read the smallest words on the boxes (scoped/ zoomed weaponry may be required), from the nutritional facts to the sponsored advertisements

This mod includes a retexture for miscellaneous items, Abraxo Cleaner, WASHO laundry detergent and the Tin Can as they badly needed some TLC from me.

I am supplying you guys with the .xcf/ psd files to make your own versions and then dirty them up, and a resource collection for those that wish to add more package items for your own mods as you can simply take the new uv'ed boxes and create a new layout for it such as a milk duds box for the Fancy Lads box. If you are unfamiliar with the use of GIMP or any kind of photoediting program you can request a tutorial on how to make the diffuse and normal maps in GIMP if you need it so bad that you couldn't even Google tutorials and search on youtube for helpful videos on where to start your amateur beginnings.

Look guys, I know this is all awesome and stuff but I can only do so much to help, make sure to let me know what you think in the comments.

Disclaimer, .xcf files are best opened with gimp