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About this mod

Its a quest mod with three endings. Good, Bad and Ugly. adds hours, days, even weeks... of game play.

Permissions and credits

-*-Blue Hotel-*-


Blue Hotel... On a lonely highway...

Its a quest mod with three endings. Good, Bad and Ugly.

Important: the game will not begin untill your charicter is past level 15.

On inital use you will be given the option to start stright away or start from the option menu added to your apperal tab on your pipboy

Will Crash On Start if you don't have NVAC something in the esp causes this but haven't found it yet...
NVAC is in the required files list.

More tunes not all on guitar
More quests
More choices
More hidden extras
More fun with followers
More voices

-*-*-*-Compatability issues-*-*-*-

Doesn't work with freeside open or any freeside wall remove mods..
Doesn't work with helpless Falling (prevents swiming)

- - - - Patch 1.1 - - - - - -

Changed the lift control pannel script -- Thanks, eLucifer

Added a 30 sec fail safe to the Exit Enclave V.R script -- Thanks, Darth Anubis

Re-worked the headshot zombie script to remove constant messages.

- - - - Patch 1.2 - - - - - -

Major bug I used an NVSE command as regular one sorry non NVSE users now fixed.

Fixed missing scope and achieve typo -- Thanks, AlChestBreach

- - - - Patch 1.3 - - - - - -

Fixed possablity of menu loss when a showmessage fails will reset after 30 seonds or one game day for the main pip menu.

- - - - Patch 1.4 - - - - - -

Fixed the EnablePlayerControls on wasetlander auto talk and redone the NVSE test. -- Thanks, Basketballdude48

- - - - Patch 1.5 - - - - - -

Fixed the enclave speech challenge quest remaining after enclave test completed

Fixed the hotel staff that where not leaving when fired. -- Thanks, sqigg

- - - - Patch 1.6 - - - - - -

Fixed Bad hotel ghoul and trogs not leaving

Fixed missing scripts for tent object given when completed the hidden obect quests

Changed the message on enclave counter
terror training to better inform player of interactions -- Thanks, avec_Telvanni

- - - - Patch 1.8 - - - - - -

Added a 30 sec fail safe on deathclaw lamping mision

Fixed a missing joke note

Fixed the barperson talk error

Fixed a hotel mision from running while hotel closed

- - - - Patch 1.9 - - - - - -

Fixed leaving Enc Missions without completion bug.

Fixed the Enclave Pod Talk bug -- Thanks, PedroStock

- - - - Slower Raiders Patch - - - - - -

Don't download... Seriously it makes them slow.. Better to download Sprint Mod it makes you fast...
Bug Reporting, If you find a fault please fill out a bug report and so make fixing it a bit easyer.

Active quests?:...........

Active objectives?...........

Description of fault?:...........

Location of fault?:...........

Are you using NVSE and JIP ?:...........

Do you use followers?:...........

This Mod Requires;

NVSE + JIP NVSE Plugin.(Optional)

If you are using NVSE then you will need the JIP Plugin as I have used some functions only avalable to that plugin.
If you don't use NVSE then some features will remain hidden till you instal NVSE and the JIP Plugin.


If you use a lot of mods and your pc doesn't predict the weather or play chess very well. then i recomend.

New Vegas Stutter Remover

and or

New Vegas Anti Crash

Both Require



Resorses Used
The drumer and guitar poses by umpa..

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I had to split the zip file into 3 due its size.

All three main files will make the game complete, but you can just install the main file,
it will work, just not as good. and the update for latest fixes.

Copy all files in data to your FalloutNV data folder.
Compatable with Fomm Or The Nexus Installer