Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

This mod will add a vault inside bunker 3 at Hidden Valley.

Permissions and credits
This mod will add a Enclave(themed) vault inside bunker 3 at Hidden Valley. More information about the mod and it's features are found bellow.

1# My First Laboratory - Create chems, stimpaks or detoxify yourself.
2# A working Auto-Doc - Restore limbs, heal your injuries, remove radiation and perform plastic surgery.

1# Reloading Bench.
2# Workbench.
Plenty shelves, lockers and cabinets to store your gear!
4# Unique weapons and armors!
5# Mannequins.

1# Water purifier - Purify any Dirty Water you're carrying!
2# Nuka Cola Machine - Turn your Nuka-Cola into Ice Cold Nuka cola without the radiation!
3# Oven - For crafting Healing Powder and things you would normally do at a campfire.
4# Storage room - Full of non radiated food and plenty storage containers for more.

1# 2 bedrooms with player owned beds for the "Well Rested" bonus.
2# Ability to get the "Power Armor Training" perk via a terminal in the computer room.
3# A force field for that extra sense of security.
4# A few new textures and some other things from Fallout 3.
5# A teleporter so that you don't have to walk back to your Vault every time you come back from an adventure!
Make sure you get the "Teleporter Switch" that is located on top of the console next to the pod with
the blue force field in the main hall. You will be able to choose 2 destinations, either teleport back
inside the Vault or outside Bunker 3's entrance at Hidden Valley.(yes it will teleport any companions following you, and works indoors too)
6# Basic item sorters(lockers/footlockers with names)
7# Dismiss your companions/followers(vanilla only) directly to the vault