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This mod introduces two new buildings outside Paradise Falls: The Burger Boy giant statue and Burger Bunker dinner, both based on Adam Adamowicz concept art. These buildings are meant to provide a little stronghold for Paradise Falls slavers that guard the main gate, serving as sniper/lookout point and sort of barracks, as well as a another intimi

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TTW Burger Bunker by prodlimen

This mod introduces two newbuildings outside Paradise Falls: The Burger Boy giant statue and Burger Bunker dinner, both based on Adam Adamowicz concept art.  These buildings are meant to provide a littlestronghold for Paradise Falls slavers that guard the main gate, serving as sniper/lookout point and sort of barracks, as well as a another intimidating factor for the wastelanders that dare to approach the area. If the slavers are
wiped out, both places can also be used by the player as a home. The mod retakes the original idea and tries to readapt it to the splitted worldspace of
Paradise Falls in a way illusion of continuity is not broken at all with respect to the LOD view spottable on the other side of the main gate.


Two new buildings fully navmeshedand cluttered, added to Paradise Falls exterior, located next to Grouse’s patrol point.

Burger Bunker was one of thedesigns created by talented concept artist Adam Adamowicz during Fallout 3 game development. According to Wikia and Wikipedia, it was based on the Big Boy statue, the image of a real life restaurant chain named Big Boy Restaurants International LLC that was founded in 1936.

The concept art was sketched intwo parts:

1) A big statue that in pre-war times may have been conceived as a decoration/advertisement/lookout point but in the postapocalyptic world was used
as a bunker/sniper point by the slavers, and 2) A pre-war dinner that was readapted as some sort of barracks/sniper point for the slavers. The atomic fear theme is present here in the concept of a bunker in the same way that bombs are in the prewar sugar bombs cereal.
---Changes made to the original idea by  the developers---

The idea partially made it to thegame, since it suffered the following modifications: 

The Big boy statue (named BurgerBoy inside the game) was given a slim body instead of the original one that was chubby.

The burger the boy was carryingwas substituted with an ice cream cone. The name BurgerBoy was kept in the asset, tough.

The statue was relocated to apart that is inaccessible unless the console is used, while the sketch suggests that the original location was going to be in the explorable area, next to Eulogy’s pad ( the remains of a Prewar cinema). Therefore, access to the upper or low section of the statue was cancelled at all. 

A model for the adapted dinnerbuilding wasn’t even created or implemented using GECK Resources. 
---Possible reasons why the original idea didn’t make it to the game---

There is very few informationavailable about this asset and nothing at all related to the reasons why the content present in the game wasn’t loyal to the original sketch. I suspect performance problems might have been the main cause. Paradise Falls area seems to me similar to Freeside and the Strip, two areas that from what I’ve read were originally supposed to be in one piece, but because of performance issues had to be splitted up, at first from each other and then again inside their own area (Giving birth to Freeside Sections and Strip Doors). Since Paradise falls is splitted from the wasteland, it has its inner worldspace contained in other cells (ParadiseFallsFront and ParadiseFallsCC), which means if access to the upper section of the Big Boy statue would have been granted, users would have easily spotted the LOD models and lack of surroundings outside the old shopping mall, which will have broken the illusion of continuity. A similar effect would be obtained  to try to get access to thestrip jumping the billboard walls (therefore evading the Gate Keeper)… people would be surprised to find the casino models in the other side, but nothing more. Making the upper section of the statue inaccessible and moving it to an area that was beyond the reach of the players turned the Burger boy statue from a Bunker/sniper point into another prewar decoration. The change of the burger for an ice cream and the body of the boy from chubby to slim faded the reference to the restaurant chain, thus to the concept art dinner that wasn’t implemented. The colors given to the Statue were matched with the ones present in Paradise Falls buildings, making the first one to look as property and perhaps the distinctive image of this prewar place. If Paradise Falls inner worldspace could have been implemented in the exterior cell (in the wasteland worldspace) as a whole piece (same as uncut Freeside worldspace), perhaps it would have been possible the implementation of the original idea. Another option could have been to build the Burger Boy in a similar way to Dinky the Dinosaur in Novac…still a statue/sniper point but in a minor scale.
---Adjustments to the original idea---
In order to readapt what is seenin the concept art to the circumstances (splitted worldspace) the following actions were taken:

The Ice cream cone boy asset wasreshapped and retextured to resemble the original design.

The dinner model asset wasreshapped and retextured in a similar way to the original concept and cluttered like the other Paradise Falls interiors. Its new color was chosen to match the Burger Boy Overall’s.

In the main plugin that adds bothSniper Point Statue and Readapated dinner the new statue was located outside Paradise Falls main gate for two reasons: a) To be able to reorientate it in a way that could provide the minimal vision possible to the area where Paradise Falls LOD points start to appear and reveal it’s another worldspace, and b) To make sure access to the sniper point can only be granted if the player gets Grouse approval to explore the settlement, therefore to show the slavers have the control of both buildings.

Lod Model generation of theWasteland Worldspace.  The process ofgeneration of terrain meshes wasn’t possible because GECK kept crashing. The
wasteland worldspace happens to have more than 1000 chunks to compile together, so I suspect the reason in my case was lack of memory RAM. However, the LOD models that were created are included in the meshes and textures folders of both FO3 and FNV resources folders.

Different options were providedin an attempt to meet the diverse gameplay preferences. Here’s a description of each plugin, remember you can only choose and use one at a time: 

TTW BurgerBunker2BoysSniperPDinner.esp

This is the main plugin. It addsthe Burger Boy Sniper Point/bunker statue and the Readapted dinner to Paradise Falls exterior, next to Grouse.  The IceCream Cone boy and the arm gate keep untouched.  


It adds Burger boy decorativestatue to Paradise Falls exterior, next to Grouse. The Ice Cream Cone boy and the arm gate keep untouched.


It adds Burger boy decorativestatue to Paradise Falls, and it’s located behind the slave child house. The Ice Cream Cone boy was relocated outside Paradise Falls, next to Grouse. The arm gate was keep untouched.


It adds Burger boy decorativestatue to Paradise Falls, and it’s located behind the slave child house. The Ice Cream Cone boy was erased from the worldspace but no from the LOD settings, so when the player approaches or moves away from Paradise Falls, the original Ice Cream Cone LOD model can be spotted from the distance, although after a few seconds it changes quickly to the Burger Boy statue. Since the Ice Cream Cone boy has a broken arm and the Burger Boy is complete, the arm gate was replace by a new car hulk gate model.
This mod requires the mod “A Tale of two wastelands”.

TTW Burger Bunker FO3 resources by Prodlimen


1) Download the plugins pack:

 TTW Burger Bunker Plugins

Unzip the file and choose onlyone plugin (description mentioned above) you want and drop it inside your Data
directory, located here:

C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/FalloutNew Vegas/Data 

2) Pay a visit to the followinglink to get FO3 Resources:

TTW Burger Bunker FO3 resourcesby Prodlimen

Download them and put thecompressed file in the desktop.

3)  Download TTW Burger Bunker FNV Resources andput the compressed file in the desktop.

4) Unzip/decompress the downloadedfiles with Winrar, Winzip or 7zip in Windows Desktop. Inside the folders that were created there will be a Data folder. It needs to be cut and paste inside Fallout New Vegas directory, which should be located here:

C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/FalloutNew Vegas 

Once the files are in theindicated location, open Fallout Mod Manager/Nexus Manager, find the plugin you dropped in the Data folder and tick it. Start the game. 

Go to your Data folder, locatedhere:  C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/FalloutNew Vegas/Data/meshes/ and erase the folder called 50sFFTTWContestEntry; then go to C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Fallout New Vegas/Data/Textures and erase the folder called 50sFFTTWContestEntry. Go to your Data folder again and erase the plugin you dropped in your data directory.
---Tools used---

Blender 2.49 (Reshapping).
GIMP 2.8 (Retexturing).

Prodlimen for the creation of the plugins and the reshaping and retexturing of the vanilla assets

Bethesda and Obsidian forcreating Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.

Adam Adamowicz for his fantasticconcept art, which gave birth to a big part of Fallout 3 content and was the inspiration of this mod.

Blender and GIMP development teams for creating such amazingtools.

TTW Team for creating a Tale ofTwo Wastelands, an epic mod that allowed us to live a dream: to enjoy FO3 and FNV at the same time.
SpeedyB64 for the letters of theBurger Bunker dinner model.

TrickyVein for his technicalsupport about LOD Models and helping hand whenever I needed it.

Chucksteel for his LOD settingsresources in both FO3 and FNV.