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SPECIAL Magazines and Books - Seven different magazines with six issues each that temporarily boost SPECIAL stats. 40+ unique books that can increase stats permanently if you find and use all six books for a stat.

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S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Magazines & Books

This mod adds a number of new books and magazines to the game. They are similar to the vanilla books but instead of giving a boost to skills they boost SPECIAL stats. They can be found scattered around the game world and the magazines, but not the books, can also sometimes be purchased from some of the merchants.

There are seven different magazines and each one has 6 issues. Each one boost the associated stat by 2 for four minutes. The boost is increased to 3 with the Comprehension perk and the duration is increased to 6 minutes with the Retention perk.

Strength - Adonis
Perception – Murder Mystery Monthly
Endurance – Wild Life
Charisma - Sophisticate
Intelligence - Tomorrow
Agility – Sports Today
Luck – Cat's Paw

Books function similarly to magazines with one exception: there as six books for each stat (6 strength paperbacks, etc). Unlike the magazines there is only a single copy of each book. If you find and use all six you will receive a perk that permanently increases that stat by one.

Installation, Uninstallation, Requirements

This mod requires nothing but the basic vanilla game. It supports the Project Nevada inventory sorter but that mod is not required. Install using FOMM/NMM. If you want to do a manual install/uninstall you probably already know how.


If you want to use any parts of this mod or make modifications to it then send me a PM. I'll probably say yes. If I don't respond in four weeks then assume I've died and use whatever you like.


Thanks to Obsidian/Bethesda for creating a great game and the late Black Isle/Interplay for creating a great world. And a big thanks to the Nexus modding community – you taught me everything I know.

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