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Adds a (very) small home inside the husk of a pre-war tank.

Permissions and credits
Name: Tank Interior Home
Version: 1.00
Date: 24/5/2015
Category: Houses
Author(s): Greg147
Feedback/ratings are welcome, as well as constructive critism.

This mod makes use of some the excellent resources available on this website, and adds a (very) small player home in the form of an abandoned tank near Westside. Inside you'll find a bedroll, storage space, and a new weapon, the PKM. 

This was a quick mod I made for myself, and I figured someone else might have use for it. I'm currently using it alongside DUST, and liked the idea of having a makeshift shelter from the hostile wastes, with a few crates to keep unused ammo types and that otherwise useful weapon that has just eaten up the last of its rounds.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

The tank is located outside just south of the South Cistern, east of Westside.

Known Issues or Bugs
-None as of yet.

-Public release

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout.
Thanks to Chad95 for his Tank Resource
Thanks to Vivanto for his Vertibird Interior
Thanks to Wikinger_germ for his PKM resource, and GSC Game World for the original model
Thanks to all those who have given me help with my previous mods.

Tools Used
G.E.C.K.- Official Fallout:NV site

By downloading this file, you accept that I (the mod creator) hold no responsibility for any damages that occur to your PC or self. Etc.