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This mod adds a Fallout 2 sandcrete style home to the Mojave

Permissions and credits
ScreenShot58 by craig lesher, on Flickr

Update: version 1.3 is up that should hopefully fix the last of the missing asset problems. [\b]

This mods add a Fallout 2 sandcrete style home to the Mojavenear the Gunrunners and southern Freeside entrance. The house itself has two main room which server as living room, kitchen, sleeping quarters, armory, and bathroom. Using the basement door leads to a cave shelter that the previous occupants had created. The home itself as per my usual features offers a back story as to how and why the home is the way it is. If you read the terminals carefully you should be able to pick up on a small unmarked quest that will lead you to a set of unique female armor. (It’s the same as my wasteland combat armor mod already up.) The key to the home can be found in the locked mailbox in front of the entrance.
Lots of storage both unique and vanilla.
A living room with a radio.
Kitchen area with extensive storage and a crafting oven.
A water purifier.
2 bunk beds.
Armor storage.
Infirmary set.
Chemistry Set.
Locking doors.
Named ammo containers for most of the vanilla ammo types.
Workbench/Reloading bench combo.
Panic room/shelter.
Unique armor.
This mod uses resources from a number of modders who’ve made their resources available.
Trickyvien for his sandcrete resource which can be found here
Without this the mod you see before you would never have been possible. I also used pottery assets from his Dry Canyon mod why can be found here

Hedgebobs Stmodders Resource.

Jokerine for multiple different resources she’s created. The decoration of this home is possible in large part to her assets.

Vipermx who gave me permission to use his assets which allowed the home to have a unique look.

Lordiquisiter who’s reloading bench resource I used.

Dragbody for the neckscarf thingy.

Backstreppo for the gunbelt.

Brigand231 for advice and encouragement.

Jazzerparis for his water purifier script.

If there’s anyone else I forgot just shoot me a pm and I’ll add you to the credits.

I will not offer this as modder resource because most the assets here where not made by me. Most of the assets are modder resources so if
you like what you see go to their mod and download it.