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Inspired and made to be used with DUST Survival Simulator, this ENB will make the already hardcore and gritty experience even darker and hardcore.
Bleak, grim, dark, moody and atmospheric, DUST ENB will make playing DUST something you won't easily forget.

Permissions and credits

**Requires DUST/DUSTy weathers**

Original idea by naugrim
SweetFX suite by Bulotaur and CeejayDK by Kputt.
ENB shaders and settings by Courier, Matso and Kyo


Download the base ENB binaries from enbdev.com/download_mod_falloutnv.htm
Extract the files to your base NV folder (not the data folder) (ENB wrapper, not injector)
Extract the files from this ENB into the NV folder and overwrite when asked. 
Make sure there are no config files outside of the enbseries folder
Open the game launcher and disable AF (anisotropic filtering) and AA (antialiasing), disable transparency aa and water multisampling (if water ripples give you visual errors, disable water displacement too). 
Don't use visual overlays like Steam Overlay or MSI afterburner.
If the game crashes on startup, make sure the sweetfx folder is there and the enblocal is properly configured, if it still refuses to work, use the injector version of ENB.

Download DUST: 
Place it at the bottom of your load order to make sure it modifies weathers/weather mods.

Alternatively, if you only want the weathers and not the mod, download this:


This ENB was made with DUST in mind, and as such will only look as intended when using DUST or the DUSTy Weathers mod. 
I use it with Realistic Wasteland Lighting + DUST (to tweak the weathers) and then ENB on top. I can not guarantee the same results if you don't use RWL.

Since I know some people will complain about it, I've already included a file that will GET RID OF BLACK BARS. To do so simply go to the alternative files folder and replace the enbeffect file on your enbseries folder with the one in the folder called "no black bars".

Since DUST is resource intensive and ENB is even harsher, I suggest you turn down your uGrids if you're running 7 or higher, since the dust and blur will make it impossible to see past 5 ugrids anyway.

I'm also working on a static DoF config that is yet to be finished but that I may upload soon-ish.


Keep updated and with new screenshots at http://www.flickr.com/photos/96509049@N06/