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A small mod that allows your character to join the Legion.

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Note: This mod is essentially dead until further notice, I've played new vegas  to death and moved on to other games. My only goal currently is get past the current bug preventing progress in the main quest, in the update I'm about to release, I've cut Caesars dialogue so hopefully that helps.

So you've done many quests for Caesar and you want to join the Legion? Then this mod is for you!

I found it quite strange you could join most of the small factions but not the NCR and Legion, so I decided to make it.
If you want to join the NCR Giskard made a wonderful Join the NCR mod but it's not on the nexus

What this does is it's primarily just changes some dialogue options to help immersion, there are no quests as of yet but it's still a heavy WIP. I promise more to come. I'd try and get the perk as soon as possible or you will miss a lot of the dialogue.

I strongly recommend you use an alternate start mod if you go for the trait version, I especially love this one

Roleplay-Start by Fenrirll

Currently Not compatible with the Vulpes companion mod, I'm currently working on a fix, The trait version will be somewhat unaffected but you may miss a line or two of vulpes edited dialogue. 

 Edit: Vulpes companion hot fix file is up, Install AFTER you've got the Frumentarii perk or you wont be able to hire him. All it does is edit a line of dialogue so he will refer to your character as a Frumentarius

Optional Addon: Friendly White Legs
-Makes the White Legs friendly
-Adds Generic Dialogue to them to make it less boring

Trait Benefits:
+10 Speech
+10 Sneak
+5 Unarmed
-10 Energy weapons
-10 Medicine

-Add more dialogue options to many NPC's
-Used some more generic legion greeting to add variation
-Allows you to keep your weapons at the fort
-Your own Legion armor with a modified faction armor script (doesn't mess with your reputation but NCR soldiers still attack on sight) 
-Legion blacksmiths will repair your equipment
-Most of the mod is voiced
-Dead Money
-Honest Hearts
-The the Finger Of suspicion quest is completed (not required in trait version)
-Accepted or higher Legion reputation (not Required in trait version)