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Complete the initial quest with a bit of backstory that will show you the ropes. Then go on to control your own robot factory, building robot companions and earning exp allowing you to base your character roleplay on this strategy.

Permissions and credits
 - Build multiple robot types.
 - Unlock more as you progress your science skill level.
 - Store your robots in up to 3 different vaults and shut them down for safe keeping.
 - Post your robots to guard anywhere you want in the game world. They are under your command.
 - Take control of the factory by completing the initial quest.

To begin this mod, travel to the goodsprings schoolhouse and head around back to the basement door, head down, hack the terminal and inspect the information on it to begin the quest. Once you have control of the robot factory, you will find some starting resources there to get you started on some robots. You will also receive exp when you build a robot, this will give you the option of creating a character that specialises in non combat skills and attributes, while you build a robot army to do all the dirty work for you.

Enjoy! Please leave your feed back, there is more planned, and I'd like to develop it further with the community's opinions and ideas.


FIXED: Robots were previously not responding to commands, after being built they would not initiate their AI and just stand by the assembler door. They not respond to commands and will initiate their AI once they are built. All robots have build times. The more basic the less time it takes to construct. I have removed the requirement of the NVSE which was causing the issue. The mod will still function as intended. You do not need the NVSE extender to play the mod. If you do have it, it should not affect the mod.

FIXED: Robots now have a locked state of their own and wont be affected by the securitrons lock state from the terminal at the start of the quest.
Robots are now removed upon death to stop bloated saved games from occurring.


Grant2600 (Player Robot Factory)