Fallout New Vegas
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Edits various NPC combat related Game Setting entries.

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This mod edits various Game Setting entries for NPCs hopefully making combat a bit more interesting. Compatible with both XFO AI Revamp and PMT - Responsive Kill Reactions, which I both strongly recommend to be used with Combat Enhancer.

Some of the changes:
  • NPCs don't dodge your bullets as much.
  • NPCs try to stay in cover more when attacking you with firearms.
  • NPCs attack you from further distances.
  • NPCs react to you shooting at them from long distances and will try to find you.
  • NPCs are able to see you from longer distances.
  • NPCs will search for you for a longer time and over a larger area.
  • NPCs will react to your presence more in interiors.
  • NPCs will run for their lives and take cover if they are about to die. They can also flee much larger distances.
  • NPCs are more prone to wait for you to break your cover to fire at you.
  • NPCs will pick up new weapons more efficiently.

Put the CombatEnhancer.esp into your Data folder.