Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

This mod currently adds Beer and Sodas to the game.
Made in the Mojave, by the Indian Wells Brewing Company
And three New locations

Permissions and credits
Indian Wells Brewing Co. v3.3
By: Griffin Group

With help from thedragonking82 tracking the miss items, Update 3.3  should have all the missing items 

New In Version 3

The new VIP Lounge

Phoenix Wear  - Indian Wells Brewing Clothing Collection

Several Small Lighting adjustments and fixes and new clutter items.

Removes items from Trudy's inventory in preparation for quest construction


This mod currently  adds  new beer and coolers and  new sodas to the game.

Made in the Mojave, by the Indian Wells Brewing Company in Inyokern, CA.
 Authorized label use by Rick Lovett

  Trudy sells 6 packs of some of the different flavors as well there are some in crates in Trudy's house

Phoenix Wear

Indian Wells Brewing Clothing Collection

(Phoenix wear vending machine respawns do not store items in machine)

add Mojave gold and Mojave Red shirts in the fallowing styles

Jeans and T-shirts (his) and tank top (hers)  -12 t-shirt colors

Shorts and T-shirts His and hers -12 t-shirt colors

Swimwear - trunks for him and t-shirt and bottoms for her  1  set.  

New Locations

Each of the three new locations features a players home

Indian Wells Brewing Companies Depot

located at  Mojave outposts, 
features Several storage rooms,
a large restaurant , lounge and gift shop.
On the lowest level  has a ladder door to the highway plus a barracks for six complains and
a midsized players home with waiting room , Managers office, Hot tub arboretum,
changing room with lots of closet space, large master bedroom and den.  

Abby's Bar and Grill
located just south of the Gun runners kiosk, features a small bar and a small players home/ bunkhouse.

Boulder City Beer Gardens :

located In boulder city features a enclosed  garden with  pool, two outdoor bars.
A large players home: Two kitchens, Armory, Clothing storage area, medical bay,
Dojo, Four companion rooms, midsized living room with bar, and a Master Bedroom.

added features to Boulder city beer gardens is 11 customizable steamer trunks

dds located in

textures/00SteamerTrunks/ IWB Compainion Trunks

Player Trunk
Companion Trunk  01
Companion Trunk  10

Located in custom Trunks download you will find files named (NPCCustomTrunks1) and (NpcTrunksV1)
with several premade NPC trunks just pick the npc  trunk you wish to use
and rename it to the Companion Trunk you would like to be theirs
and manually place it in the textures/00SteamerTrunks/ IWB Compainion Trunks  folder
allow it to over write.

Please note Precious's  custom trunk looks best with its own normal map best to add hers via texture set via geck.

History behind the mod.

My Wife found this company when we were looking and researching the Mojave when we started working on our vault last fall.
We thought it would make for a cool addition to Fallout New Vegas.
So my wife wrote to the owner of Indian Wells Brewing Co, and asked if we could add their products to the game via a mod.

Mr. Lovett reply said it was ok to make the mod.


Should be  NMM and FOMM  Friendly and recommended.

or  manually

Recommended to uninstall older versions first and install V3 on a cleansave.

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.

2. Copy the Meshes and Texture Folders to your Fallout New Vegas Data Directory

3. Copy ESM  to your data folder and then launch game and activate esp. and esm

 We hope you enjoy the Mod.

If I missed someone or something please let me know thank you.

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