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Allows you to drop bottlecaps from your inventory like any other item.

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By default, you cannot drop bottlecaps in Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas, so I decided to make a workaround. To drop bottlecaps, simplying navigate to Misc. section in your Pip-Boy and drop them as you would any other item.

The game stores item quantities as a signed short, so dropping more than 32,767 in one stack will cause the quantity to overflow and odd behavior will ensue. This is similar to how vendors will become buggy once exceeding 32,767 caps.


  • New Vegas Script Extender (Weighted version only)

  • Due to the way this mod works, weighted bottlecap mods won't function quite right, so it is recommended that you use the Weighted version that I provide. By default the weight is set to 0.01, though you can configure this with FNVEdit/GECK or by using the console command "set BottlecapWeight to x"