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Bring Ghost People, Tunnelers, Y-17 Harness, Lobomites and Yao Guai to the Wasteland ! Replace somes of the Endless Warfare creature.

Permissions and credits
Endless Warfare Plugin
By Savagesouls

Intro :
First of all this was created for my own personnal use. I release it on the nexus because maybe some people will like it. Yes i know it is not canon.

In short the mod does this :
Replace existing spawn placed by Endless Warfare with NPC and Creature from the DLCs

- Replace crazed creature alliance by Ghost people
- Replace Smurf by Y-17 trauma override harnesses
- Replace Freaks by Lobomites
- Replace Dogs by Yao Guai
- Replace Roachs by Tunnelers
- Replace Van Graft Thug by Marked Men
- Replace White Glove by White Legs
- Lobomites, Marked Men, White Legs added to possibles companions.
- All are made so they spawn according to the level of the player (1-20-30-40-50) 

Known Bug :

That all this mod do ! It does not alter main game or dlc assets. Only spawns added by Endless Warfare. for the rest reffer to the original mod. Due to the nature of the modifications it should not cause translation issues.

Requirement : 
- Dead Money
- Honest Heart
- Old World Blues
- Lonesome Road
- Endless Warfare

Compatibility :
- Tales of Two Wasteland : Fully compatible but since there is no spawn points in DC, you need this patch Spawnpoints fo' DC from MajinCry and of course TTW. I'm working on a plugin to bring swampfolks and trogs all over DC and Vegas.

Thanks to Devilswish182 for his amasing Mod, Endless Warfare.
Thanks to MajinCry for bringing endless warfare to DC
Thanks to the TTW team for making dreams come true !